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Chiropractor Offers Gresham Athletic Injury Safety Tips

Preventing an injury is much easier than healing after one occurs. There are several things one can do to protect his or her body when training for a new sport, no matter what the sport or the level one intends to play. A Gresham chiropractor can provide tips for individuals wanting to reduce the opportunity for injury when playing.

Before beginning any new exercise program, pay a visit to the doctor. New activities can add stress to the body. It is important that heart disease and other conditions be known so the routine can be modified to a safe level for one’s ability. A doctor can suggest the appropriate amount of exercise for you regardless of age or physical challenges.

Many people make the mistake of going gung ho the first day they begin a new routine. Going too hard and too soon is one of the most likely ways to be injured. Begin at a moderate level about 20 minutes at a time three days per week. Gradually build to the level appropriate for your body.

It is essential to remain hydrated when preparing for, during and after completing exercise. Begin drinking additional water two hours before the workout. When you exercise, be sure to replace the water that is being lost. One check to ensure you are drinking enough water is to weigh before and after the workout. If you lose weight, you are not drinking enough.

Take time for recovery after each workout. The body needs appropriate sleep in order to make the repairs. Taking days off between workouts can protect one’s health and ensure the immune system prevents illness.

When beginning a new routine, a Gresham chiropractor can help to ensure it is appropriate for your skill levels and body. If injuries occur, chiropractic can help to speed the body on the path to recovery. However, if possible avoid such injuries in the first place.

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