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For A Competent Therapist Streamwood Optimal Place To Look

When in need of a therapist Streamwood is a good place to be living. Regardless of the type of therapy you believe will give you the right kind of advice, there are a number of them available. It may be considered mental health counseling, however, seeking this help does not indicate you are crazy.

To the contrary. The individual who possesses the wisdom to recognize the need for professional help shows confidence. He or she wants to improve the life experience by investigating and then discarding all the bad habits and fears that are preventing a good quality of life.

There are different therapies that are appropriate for treating different conditions. An obsessive compulsive disorder can be anything from washing your hands twenty-five times a day to checking a locked door over and over although you knew it was locked the first time.

The educational background and degree range from a masters degree in psychology or social work to a psychiatrist who completes medical school prior to going into psychiatric counseling. He or she is a practicing medical doctor with the qualifications to write prescriptions for medication. In many cases, the patient will see both the psychiatrist and the psychologist.

Allow the psychologist to help you determine if prescription medication is required. Sometimes depression is a part of, or results from another disorder. If you see both professionals, they will maintain communication to provide the best possible care.

If a marriage is in trouble, both partners may undergo counseling. They may attend sessions individually or together. Sometimes it will be a combination to achieve the optimal outcome. If one spouse is reluctant to see the counselor, it may still be helpful for the other to be counseled.

When it comes to short-term therapy one of the most effective is cognitive behavior therapy, usually referred to as CBT. This therapy gets right to the problem the individual needs help in overcoming or resolving. One example might be fear of an object or situation.

Someone afraid of cats may first look at pictures of them. Next he would watch movies of cats, cats and more cats of all sizes and shapes. Finally he may be asked to do homework such as visiting an animal shelter and looking at the cats in their cages. The final step would be to reach out and pet a cat. He may never become a cat lover, but his fear subsides to a bearable level.

A session might involve bringing in a live dog for the patient to interact with in the safety of the office. Homework is a part of CBT and the patient might be asked to visit a dog shelter to get close to large dogs. There is no need to remember the event that caused the fear when undergoing CBT.

Other therapies may spend significant amounts of time remembering past events and being helped to understand how they caused current problems. Psychoanalysis as practiced by noted psychiatrist Sigmund Freud might drag on for years. Psychotherapy, while not that extensive, can require a lengthy course of treatment. The wise modern therapist Streamwood or in any other city will tailor the type and length of treatment to suit the needs of each individual who turns to him or her for help.

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