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Treating Arthritis

Arthritis has different types but all are common in providing discomfort and pain on its victims. The pain can usually be in the muscles and joints. Affecting an approximate twenty million Americans or 1 out of 5 adults, this disease has been plaguing the human race ever since. Another fact is that, the symptoms get worse as you age. Since the pain is continuous and punishing, many have been searching for relief in different treatments or medications. Be it natural, supplemental or therapy, a proper treatment is needed to slow the growth of arthritis.

Maintaining a Fit Body

Routine exercises can help reduce the pain and make your bones and muscles healthy. Physical therapists recommend 20 to 30-minute exercises a day and plenty rest for recovery. Sleeping 7-8 hours at night also assists on prevention of bone and joints degeneration. There are many exercises for arthritis and it depends on the body part that’s affected by the hurting. Contact your physical therapist and enrol yourself on different sessions to make the treatment complete. Hydrotherapy, a treatment that uses water is also a possible advice that specialists could provide to patients with arthritis.

Maintaining a good body posture and losing weight can also suppress the pain of arthritis. It is much easier for a patient to follow their routine exercises if they have a fit body. You should never forget to practice doing things the right way such as carrying something with your back instead of using the hip muscles. Know the right sitting and lying position. Change your mattress if you feel uncomfortable with it and avoid soft chairs.

Relieving Pain with the Right Nourishment

Arthritis takes places because of lack of nutrition which means that getting the right vitamins and amount of nutrients is the key to banish the condition from hitting your bones, joints and muscles. Eating foods which would help the wounds to heal and tissues to regenerate is crucial for recovery. Consult with your dietician if you are planning to start making changes on your diet. You can then ask for foods that you need to consume to get the particular vitamin that you need. Omega-3 that comes from fishes such as salmon and herring reduces inflammation.

Vitamin K intake prevents bone degeneration and maintains clotting of blood whenever you have been injured. A good amount of vitamin K could come from leafy vegetables such as cabbages. B-complex consists of different vitamins that are responsible for growth of muscles and it includes the joints and cartilages. Other important vitamins for preventing arthritis are vitamin C, D and E. Multivitamins can be taken in to make sure that you are getting enough nutrition to relieve you from the twinges brought by arthritis.

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