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What Is Arthritis?

You are maybe one of the many who are wondering what is arthritis. How could this ailment affect our health in general? Or you might be asking how you would know the symptoms. To start with, let me define arthritis. Looking at the physical indicant, this is simply an inflammation of joints. However, this inflammation is a kind of disease that affects the middle-aged individuals. In fact, those who have this disease suffer much.

When you have arthritis, your usual complain is the pain in the joint area due to swelling. But this symptom is not absolutely true to all because there are several types of arthritis. Each type has its own indication. When your joints are inflamed and you feel pain whether mild, moderate, or extremely excruciating, this type of arthritis is called rheumatoid arthritis. It is distinguished as a chronic type of inflammation because the swelling is recurrent especially in your small joints found in your hands and feet. The articular cartilage will little by little be broken apart due to the formation of the pulpy masses. It will eventually lead to disability if not combination of the joint surfaces. Thus, you can no longer walk permanently since your joints are not only causing excessive pain but also it becomes distorted.

If those symptoms are not the things you are experiencing, and in your mind you are still clouded with the same question “what is arthritis” really? Well, as I have mentioned earlier, there are several types. In reality, there are even a hundred or more ailments related to arthritis.  Another type is osteoarthritis. There are two categories of osteoarthritis. These are the primary and secondary osteoarthritis. The first one is part of the natural process of aging. After 50 or 60 years, parts of our body deteriorate without any inclination of noticeable abnormality. It is usually the collagen matrix of the cartilage that is affected in this type of osteoporosis. The cartilage usually destroyed by the enzymes that were released because of the initial damage. Painful sensation seldom experienced. The secondary osteoporosis on the other hand, is more often than not caused by congenital abnormalities. Sometimes, it is due to obesity, surgery and other factors.

We can go on with the other types however aside from discussing about causes and symptoms, it is very practical to highlight the treatment. There are a lot of supplements that you can buy from health shops and other stores. But it is truly wise that you know the most important ingredient to consider. Rather than buying synthetic treatment, go for herbal extracts that contain the Perna Canaliculus. This plant does wonder in stopping inflammation and it helps restore the affected area. This is what is arthritis remedy must have.