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Symptoms Of Arthritis

The symptoms of arthritis may vary from one type of arthritis to another. As you may know, there are several types of arthritis. But of course there are a few common signs of arthritis. The very common symptom is the inflammation around the joint area and the pain that goes along with the inflammation. Since the joints are inflamed, the movement is of course restricted. You may also feel that your muscles are too emaciating. You can also see physical evidence on your skin getting red and warmth especially in the affected joint.  Sometimes, patients may have fever due to the severe swelling. They may also feel excessive fatigue and body malaise.

Those mentioned above are the indications of a person that are suffering the condition already. But there are early signs that can warn you of the upcoming arthritis. When your joints begin to feel stiff and you somehow feel a tiny bit of tingling sensation, the best response is to set an appointment with your doctor for diagnoses. It is better to be early in preventing the disease that managing it.

One way to prevent arthritis or slow down arthritis is to eat healthy foods. You also need to exercise not only to flex that muscles but to maintain healthy joints and bones. In addition, patients with this heath condition needs to avoid foods that will aggravate their condition aside from taking the right medicine. For instance, acidic food and hydrogenated fats worsen arthritis. According to Kim P. Alden in her article at on August 2011, “People with arthritis usually have a high acidity level, which increases the possibility of inflammation. Acid-forming foods add to that problem…the main dietary culprits here are coffee, refined sugar, alcohol, dairy products and meat.”

As for managing arthritis, the best medicine is the ones that brings down the inflammation of the joints, removes swelling, and eliminates stiffness. It is also excellent if your medication can also increase your mobility, and provide long-term if not permanent relief. If you have osteoarthritis, the right medicine is the one that helps repair the damaged cartilage. Of course, this is possible if the ingredients of your treatment are intended for the kind of arthritis that you are experiencing. Take for example the ingredient Chondroitin Sulfate. This substance is extracted from the cartilage of shark or beef and has a generative effect once taken in our body. Obviously, Chondroitin is very effective if most of the symptoms of arthritis that you are experiencing are for osteoarthritis.