Useful Information About Dental Implants Oklahoma City Residents Need To Know

Despite the improvements in dental care, many people suffer tooth loss. This occurs due to injury, tooth decay or gingivitis. For many years, many people have relied on bridges and dentures to correct conditions of missing teeth. The types of dental implants Oklahoma City based medical centers offer are effective and long lasting.

The two main classifications of dental implants are subperiosteal and endosteal. The endosteal is surgically inserted in the jawbone while the subperiosteal is placed on the jaw bone. The endosteal can hold more than one prosthetic teeth and is used by patients with removable bridges or dentures. They include screws, blades and cylinders which are surgically into the jawbone. Subperiosteal implants are the best option for those with minimal bone height as well as those who cannot wear conventional dentures.

There are a number of things required to qualify for this procedure. Proper oral and general health is necessary. Individuals who are not affected by periodontal disease with healthy gums are considered to be the most appropriate candidates. The choice of the treatment plan depends on the specific type of implant required and the unique needs of each patient.

Dental implants offer several benefits. They help to improve the appearance of an individual which in turn improves their self-esteem. They eliminate any speech problems making it possible for them to speak clearly. They help to eliminate the challenges that were presented by removable dentures. They make it possible for individuals to eat without experiencing any pain or discomfort. They are long lasting, convenient and easy to clean.

There are several things that should be done when preparing for the procedure. The patient has to be evaluated to obtain any important information. This is done by performing X-rays to examine the condition of the patient. Patients are also advised to provide any relevant information such previous medical problems and medications that the patient is using. The treatment plan is designed based on the number of teeth involved.

There is very little discomfort experienced during the procedure. It is performed under a local anesthesia. Mild soreness occurs after the procedure and can be treated with appropriate over-the-counter pain medications. Success rates for this procedure vary depending on the location on the jaw where the implant is inserted. In general, this procedure has a very high success rate and with proper care the implants can last for a lifetime.

Proper care and follow up are required after the treatment to avoid any complications. They require flossing and blushing to keep them in good condition. This helps to keep them plaque-free and clean. It is important to clean them using the recommended instruments to avoid causing to the metal surface.

There are several health risks of dental implants Oklahoma City residents need to know. These problems are rare and when they occur they are minor and easily treatable. There is a likelihood of infection at the site where the implant is placed. Surrounding structures such as blood vessels or other teeth may be injured or damaged in the process. Nerve damage may also occur leading to tingling, numbness or pain in the gums, teeth, chin or lips.

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