Required Qualifications To Practice Orange County Psychiatry

The individual who plans to apply to medical school someday should begin to prepare while he or she is in college. Science courses and nearly perfect grades are mandatory. A degree in one of the sciences is preferable for one who hopes to practice Orange County psychiatry one day.

Medical school follows graduation from college and also takes four years. After graduation from medical school, there is a residency. The residency for psychiatric preparation takes another four years. Patients are treated by a resident, supervised by an established psychiatrist.

After finishing the four-year residency, you will take the state licensing exam. You can also take an exam to become board certified, thereby earning additional credentials that do not expire for ten years. Now you have fulfilled all the requirements needed to begin practicing medicine.

A patient is assessed prior to being treated. A mental and physical exam is conducted. Psychological tests are administered. Special situations might require neuroimaging or other advanced testing to make an accurate diagnosis. A manual, the DSM, gives the criterion for each mental disorder.

The ICD is another manual that helps to identify the disorder that each patient has. Following a diagnosis, the treatment prescribed may be a combination of medication and psychotherapy. If the mental illness is severe, he or she will be treated in a hospital setting. If less severe, he or she can be treated on an outpatient schedule.

Around 1967, it was recognized that some treatments, usually those used on patients with severe disorders, were damaging and possibly dangerous. There was an operation that removed a portion of the frontal lobe of the brain. The lobotomy removed aggression, but, also left the patient in a damaged condition.

Another torturous treatment is electric shock therapy. The electroconvulsive treatments send electric current through the body. It was utilized to bring a person out of an extreme clinical depression when no other method worked. Its effects included broken teeth and possibly bone fractures caused by the tension the patient experienced during treatment.

The training of the psychiatrist encompasses the physical and mental aspects of the human being. Some mental disease can be attributed to a physical cause. One example is advanced syphilis, which causes radical change in personality and eventually death.

There are numerous mental disorders. A personality disorder or severe learning disability are conditions that can be treated. Methods are different than they were years ago. At one time, psychiatrists used to spend an hour with each patient. Now, the patient is in his or her office for ten minutes and gets a new prescription. The hour long sessions are with a psychologist.

There was a time when the psychiatrist spent an hour talking to a patient in weekly or monthly therapy sessions. The current trend is for the psychiatric care to consist of prescribing medicine after a short office visit. The psychotherapy is then provided by the psychologist.

Orange County psychiatry is knowledgeable about what disorders require what treatment. The psychiatrist deals with addictions, forensics, neuropsychiatry, cross-cultural and child and adolescent subspecialties. Some focus their practice on one of these and become an authority on it. The mental health of each patient is carefully evaluated and receives appropriate treatment.

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