Recognizing HIV And AIDS Symptoms

Lack of knowledge about HIV has given it ample time to spread and affect millions of people around the world. This is still the case up to now, as the symptoms are minor and can be mistaken for a simple flu. It can also be asymptomatic for some people meaning it won’t have any effect on them until it becomes worse. Top causes of HIV are blood transfusions, unprotected sexual contact and using injections contaminated with HIV and childbirth of an infected mother. After some time, the condition will develop to AIDS which causes fatality. Being aware of its different symptoms and early detection can help a person to live longer once medications have been taken in advance.

Symptoms of HIV

On the initial phase of HIV, flu like symptoms may show on an infected person. This happens on the first two months after being exposed to the virus. A person may experience swollen lymph nodes, rashes, fever, colds and headache while the disease can be asymptomatic for some individuals. If you think that you have been in contact with HIV, it is important to undergo a blood test for early detection so that you can take in some medications that could lengthen your life.

During the second stage of the HIV, a person may not feel anything bad about his body. This is an asymptomatic stage and it could last for a few months or as long as 10 years. The danger of infecting more people is present due to lack of knowledge about the disease. The symptomatic stage of HIV comes next and the main attraction here is occurrence of more lymph nodes. This how it will go until the transition to the early phase of AIDS takes place.

What AIDS can do?

Years after contracting the HIV infection comes the onset of AIDS. This is a fatal condition that death may come several months after. People who have AIDS are experiencing fatigue, night sweats, low-grade fevers, rashes, genital ulcers, short-term memory loss, herpes infections, bacterial vaginosis, frequent yeast infections and loss of appetite which will lead to severe weight loss. This happens as damage in the immune system is becoming heavier as time goes by.

Death would come for about 9 months after the fourth stage of HIV had started. This is where most of the painful and worst symptoms would appear such as nausea, confusion, vision loss, vomiting, severe headaches and seizures. Opportunistic infections would occur when the immune system was totally devastated and won’t be able to fight back. Some examples of these are cancers, pneumonia, leukemia or painful tumors. is a leading source of information, news and medical developments for orthopedic patients and those with sports and occupational injuries. Visit us at our website to learn more about how we can help you.

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