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Pediculosis is known to be a condition wherein one has lice or ticks on his head. Now these insects are quite dangerous because they can be passed on through person to person as long as there is direct contact present. However, one should not worry too much because this condition is actually curable with some lice treatment San Francisco.

The bad news about this condition is that it is extremely contagious and can be passed on to another person just through direct contact. Of course if one wears clothes or something that has lice in it, then he will definitely get the condition as well. Eggs can also be a problem because these eggs or the nits can stick to the heads of the hosts and are hard to take out.

It is actually quite easy to be able to diagnose this sort of condition because the signs are visible. The first sign would actually be severe itching as well as swollen lumps somewhere in the back of the head. The next thing to look out for would be some white dots on the back of the head near the follicles of the hair.

If the case of pediculosis is not very severe, then one may actually just use a metal comb or brush to scrape away all of the bugs. Take note that this only works for small cases where the amount of bugs on the head are not that many. Now if there are a lot of bugs present here, then one must resort to using more drastic measures.

Vinegar is known to be one of the best natural remedies for this type of sickness simply because it has a strong acidic level. One of the best parts about this type of treatment is that it can kill the bugs without badly affecting the hair. So there is actually no limit as to how much vinegar one can pour on his head because it is completely safe.

Aside from vinegar, coconut oil may also be used in order to kill pesky lice. Now coconut oil does a double job as it both kills the bugs and at the same time strengthens the scalp. With a stronger scalp, the occurrence of pediculosis will actually be lessened because the scalp is now much healthier.

For those who think that these things are too hard to wash off the hair, then they may actually opt to use a cleanser. A cleanser can be used to remove lice or the eggs of these things. It may even replace commercially used shampoos that are said to cure these kinds of conditions.

So if one is suffering from this type of condition, then he may actually make use of these natural lice treatment San Francisco methods. One may actually be able to cure this type of condition at home without breaking a sweat. Now one thing to take note of would be to make sure that the hair and the scalp are always clean otherwise the insects will just keep coming back.

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