Which Epipen Holder Is Best For You

It seems as though a by-product of modern living is that more people suffer with allergies. Although its probably more correct to say that diagnosis for allergies has got better. Whatever the reason, going into anaphylactic shock due to an allergy is not pleasant. More people are carrying their own emergency treatments with them, but there is the question about which EpiPen holder is best.

The choices available for these carrying devices are many. Even the price range extends from free to the fairly costly. Some people are fortunate, and courtesy of the pharmaceutical company, the container and auto-delivery device come as a pair.

Looking beyond which method is the best way to carry these kits, the most important thing is that they are carried at all times. It is appreciated the various age groups will all have different ideas about which way is best. Another deciding factor could also have its roots in another debate, this is whether carrying two shots is better than one.

Quite often the contents of these delivery devices is just a measure of adrenaline. For it to remain viable it does need to be stored under certain conditions. It has to be kept at room temperature, anywhere between 15 and 25 degrees centigrade, and out of sunlight. So they have to be protected from temperature extremes, moisture and light.

So the demands made on these cases can be quite rigorous, hence the variety of designs. They all have to address the points previously raised. Some will be based around a hard plastic case design, whereas others will be a softer neoprene design. Some will even be insulated to maintain an optimum temperature. They can be carried in pockets, in bags or purses, hung on belts or even strapped to an arm or a leg.

One frightening statistic is that there are over 30 needless deaths each year in the UK alone. The main age group affected is those between 18 and 25, and unfortunately they haven’t been carrying their kits with them. Maybe because it is deemed uncool to have such equipment, or people spotting these kits get the wrong impression.

Sometimes it is young children who have the easiest choice, as their parents will carry their kits for them. The problems seem to start when children become of school age. Many do not understand why their new friends do not have to carry such items. To try and encourage children to carry these kits they can be disguised to look like pencil cases, or they will have cartoon figures, or sports team logos, printed across them.

Take a while with your choice of EpiPen holder. Remember there are still old and new styles, and they are both different sizes. If getting one for your child get them involved with choosing, it will be them carrying the kit about so they need to be happy with it. Alternate carrying options might also need to be explored as your situation can change. If you were at the gym after work you would have to carry your emergency kit in a totally different way.

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