Some Real Challenges Facing The HIV And AIDS And Poverty Alleviation Development Charity In South Africa

It might be surprising for some people to realize that a large amount of the challenge confronting the HIV and AIDS and poverty alleviation development charity in South Africa, is not necessarily related to physical well being. South Africa also has to face a rising tide of social and economic difficulties that are having a major impact.

Symptomatically the condition will devastate the lives of those who have contracted the illness and has caused enormous numbers of deaths prematurely. In the absence of proper care and medication it gives rise to horrific symptoms that destroys lives. New figures announced which reveal a lowering of infections must be welcomed. Yet as mentioned there is far more to be concerned about than the physiological aspect. Support personnel report that there are mental, sociological and impacts on population development often not understood in other societies.

From the economy stand point, many victims who have lost their lives were from the economically active sector of the population. What this means is that many people within this group filled skilled positions within industry and commerce. In many cases it has been expensive and time consuming for companies to respond and recover from this situation. The strategic mining industry has been particularly hard hit in this regard.

This same group of people were also the mothers, fathers and income earners of enormous numbers of children. Large numbers of surviving child populations have become the wards of a grandparents or relatives. The dilemma here is that many of these are elderly and likely be on or about to go on pension, and face their own problems of limited finances and material means.

In situations like this whereby in many cases both mother and father have died, the surviving children are raised in environments with little or no parental input. Pressures from peer group pressures result in youths easily becoming involved with drinking and taking drugs. Sadly this can easily lead to involvement in crime and further illegal activities. These trends are more pronounced during economic downturns.

Poverty plays a massive part in the struggle against this illness. It is a sad but true fact that the risk and impact of infection rises significantly amongst the poorer classes. Successful prevention campaigns depend upon getting information regards protection and testing for those at risk, and where this fails treatment. Poorer people are less likely to receive this life saving information and less able to gain access to adequate medical care.

There are social taboos relating to infection and some societies tend to stigmatize sufferers which leads to people not checking or hiding their status. Again this tendency is more of a problem in areas experiencing extreme deprivation where support systems may be less well developed to provide education and disseminate unbiased information.

Here are just some of the major issues, perhaps less well publicized or understood, that the HIV and AIDS and poverty alleviation development charity in South Africa are addressing. Support for their continued life changing programs is critical.

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