Rowlett Dentist Provides Teeth Whitening Solutions

A bright, white smile has been regarded as one of the most desirable features. There are many ways to whiten your teeth from professional lightening methods to exercising healthy dental habits. The Rowlett dentist advises on simple tips and techniques one can follow to ensure that stains are prevented and oral hygiene maintained.

If you wish to prevent significant staining, consider reducing the consumption of red wines and smoking habits. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables including strawberries and apples with natural teeth cleaning action. The key is to prevent plaque formation that will further contribute to bacterial build-up and decay.

Application of routine cleaning techniques should be implemented with brushing and flossing. A toothbrush must be held in an angled position and moved in a circular fashion to get rid of surface dirt. Flossing should be engaged on a daily basis to ensure that all food particles are dislodged.

A variety of bleaching products are available aiming to decrease the stains that have developed on surface areas. These ranges consist of whitening strips and the application of a bleaching product in a mold to be placed over the teeth. Such alternatives are affordable, but may not prove as effective for dark stains and could contribute to heightened sensitivity.

Bleaching solutions offered by the professional include kits for home use and cosmetic methods performed by a qualified dentist. The kits are simple to apply and includes a mold designed to fit individual structures. An in-office procedure will prove best for dark stains where an ultraviolet light is used to set the applied solution.

The Rowlett dentist offers a number of alternatives to maintain a healthy looking smile. The darker the stains, the more responsive it will be to professionally based lightening techniques. It is necessary to exercise the appropriate oral hygiene to ensure that decay is prevented and optimum dental care maintained.

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