Dealing With HPV

With twenty five million individuals who have this kind of condition in the United States of America, HPV or the human papilloma virus has been declared to be the most widespread sexually transmitted disease (STD). There is no known cure for HPV but there are treatments that can be done to remove the warts that appear in hands, feet, genitals and even inside the oral cavity. There are many types of HPV and one of them causes cervical cancer in women.

The Causes and Symptoms for HPV

HPV is a disease that can be transmitted sexually or by skin-to-skin contact. If you have an open wound or abrasion, the virus could enter your body through it if you made contact with an infected person. Those that have been experiencing genital warts have got it from sexual intercourse, anal sex or friction in the genital area. There are also some rare cases where a mother could pass HPV to a new-born baby during childbirth.

The symptoms of patients with HPV condition depends on the cause. Aside from warts which could appear in penis, vagina or anus, other symptoms include upper-respiratory lesions, oral lesions and tumors. These simple symptoms of warts, lesions and infections could later on escalate to different kinds of cancer such as cancer of the cervix, anus, skin and mouth.

Prevention and Treatments

Safe sex practice can help prevent HPV. Aside from this, faithfulness to a partner who is clean or not infected with the disease will keep you safe from its harm. Safe sex involves the use of condoms which might prevent the virus from transmitting to another body. Though condoms cannot prevent all types of HPV, it can be effective to most of the types that exist. There is also a vaccination for women which can only be applied before a girl becomes sexually active. The vaccine is named as Gardasil and it is only applicable for girls from 10-12 years of age. The vaccine protects women from HPV and other types of STD.

Though there is no absolute cure for the disease, early detection of HPV is crucial to treat the infection and stop it from getting worse. Common warts and plantar warts on the hands and feet can be treated by ointments. Doctors are also prescribing creams such as Condylox and Aldara for the warts. Other wart treatments are burning, surgery, and cryotherapy which are only being done by doctors. For those that have been diagnosed with cancer, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery can be done to dissolve the malignant tumors. Removal of reproductive organs may be done to stop the cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

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