Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentist Offers Porcelain Veneer Dental Solutions

There are a number of reasons as to why people seek cosmetic dentistry. Crookedness, severe stains, gaps and chipped teeth are some of the most common cases to consult with Brooklyn dentists. Individuals show greater levels of interest in porcelain veneers because of the long lasting and natural results that can be achieved.

Porcelain veneers assists individuals looking to improve the appearance of their teeth. This procedure is a permanent modification and involves the placement of tooth-like shells placed over the teeth to enhance appeal and function. It is applied with strong bonding materials to the remaining teeth and is best for stains and changing the color or length of each tooth.

A veneer application is not only aesthetic, but is also a practical option where the aim is to restore damaged, chipped, and poor looking teeth. It is a valuable and cost effective solution that serves to assist those with slight crookedness to obtain an even smile. The results are close to natural teeth adding to the appeal.

The use of the porcelain material offers many advantages over other substances including greater resistance to the development of stains over time. The set is also more transparent and able to better reflect light so that it creates more of a natural appearance. Resin is an alternative; however, it is a thinner shell and requires less natural tooth for enhancements.

To look after these modifications, it is necessary to continue regular oral hygiene practice. Be sure to apply brushing and flossing on a regular basis to ensure the veneers last longer and prevent decay from developing in natural teeth. Minimize the consumption of red wines and smoking to prevent the enhancements from becoming discolored.

The Brooklyn dentists advise on the implementation of a thorough dental assessment to ensure you are a candidate for such procedure. It is important to discuss the available options for individual cases. For chipped, stained, damaged, and uneven teeth, the porcelain veneer serves as one of the best solutions.

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