When Children Have ADHD Massachusetts Parents Want To Know How To Help

As many as 12% of all children of school age suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, that often follows them to adulthood. When one’s child is diagnosed with ADHD Massachusetts parents often want to know what they can do to help. The condition can be even more complex if the child also suffers from impulsivity. Overall, the disorder may result in problems wit relationships, learning and behavior. It is more common with boys than in girls.

Children with ADD may exhibit symptoms ranging from difficulty in giving their full attention to being easily distracted from the primary task at hand. When the condition is combined with impulsivity, it can be more complex. Such students often find it tough to remain in their seat in class and sometimes shout out answers before being asked.

Children who have ADD are thought to not produce enough of certain brain chemicals that help the brain to organize thoughts. This is responsible for the symptoms the child displays. Parents may find these children difficult to guide and teachers may find them difficult to manage. Often such children take prescription medication to help with the symptoms.

In the home, parents may be able to help by providing a strict schedule that to which the family rigidly adheres. There should be specific times for going to bed and getting up. Parents should schedule television along with video games. Meal times, chores and homework should also be included. It is important that the schedule be followed each day and that any changes be explained to the child in advance.

When directions are provided, the parent should take time to ensure they are understood. Always ensure the child is listening and look at him directly in the eyes as you speak. Use a calm, clear voice and be very specific in what you want to be done. Ask that the instructions you give be repeated back to you in order to reduce arguments.

Provide supervision all the time. Children who suffer from impulse disorders often need additional adult supervision than other children the same age. As your child is successful at completing a task correctly, provide a reward for the job well done.

To be successful, homework must become routine for the child suffering ADD. Choose a place where distractions are minimized. Video games, television and other people should not be in the area. Turn off or silence all cell phones and other electronics during homework time. Be sure to offer frequent breaks so the time is broken into small segments.

While it was once believed that kids could outgrow ADHD Massachusetts students often continue to have symptoms into adulthood. However, maturity can help to manage some of the symptoms of the condition. The adult may still suffer from distractions easily or a hot temper. The hyperactivity often is outgrown during the late teens. The help provided by supportive and loving parents who work closely with school staff can help kids become well adjusted adults who are able to manage most symptoms.

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