The San Clemente Dentist Offers Free Sleep Apnea Consultation

To maintain a healthy mind and body, it is important to gain adequate rest. There are millions of individuals who experience the symptoms of sleep apnea that result in obstructions of the airway that contribute to sleep disruptions and risk of fatality. The services offered by the Orange County dentist assists individuals in free consultation to determine whether the condition is present.

The occurrence of sleep apnea includes considerable risk as it causes one to experience lapses in breathing for a few seconds. Such actions can last for an extended period of time increasing the risk for damage and possible fatality. The dental therapist aids in an assessment of symptoms to determine whether the condition exists.

A professional may suspect that a patient suffered from apnea based on the unique set of symptoms reported. Signs include the experience of increased lethargy, headaches in the morning, and the development of a dry mouth. An examination can aid in determining whether this disorder is affecting the quality of life of the patient.

Dentists are often able to assist patients as they are knowledgeable in such processes and frequently assess the oral cavities. The professional will work towards determining the presence of this disorder and may refer patients to the relevant medical practitioner for confirmation. Once these measures are completed, the necessary therapy may be implemented.

Professionals will advise on changes in sleeping behavior with regard to positions for relief from strain. A mouthguard will be developed based on individual oral profiles to assist in the maintenance of this disorder. The device is designed to assist individuals in severe cases where the air passages are required to remain open.

The Orange County dentist aids in supporting patients who may be experiencing sleep apnea. Processes for rehabilitation can aid in managing symptoms including changes in sleep behavior and the use of dental apparatus. In order to ensure safe results, a professional should be consulted as this will prevent risk exposure and contribute to healthy living.

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