Psych-K Uses Muscle Testing For Healing

Rob Williams is the man who, in the year 1988, invented a system of beliefs and practices called Psych-K. The creator of this methodology is of the belief that happiness and peace within the individual soul can be combined with the happiness and peace of others to create peacefulness and tranquility in the world. It is these thoughts that came together to form what we now know to be Psych-K.

After it’s creation it became an observational and methodical approach to changing the way people view themselves and go through their daily lives. The method was is used by its practitioners and patients to address emotional and psychological issues. Some of the issues that Psych-K is administered to solve are health problems, self-esteem issues and even mental alignment with goals.

The letter ‘k’ in Psych-K stands for kinesiology, which is muscle testing. The method uses muscle testing in three ways. It detects whether or not stress exists in an individual, which can be explained as an inner conflict deep within the mind. It can also be used to find the real truth of an individual’s thoughts and as a yes or no answering system.

The originator of this particular methodology pondered on it for about two and a half decades before it finally became what it is today. Today, those who are believers in the method would say that it is an innovative and benign approach to healing the minds and bodies of those who are in need of guidance.

It wasn’t until the year 1997 that Mr. Williams began to allow others to teach his philosophy. By mentoring others and certifying them as international instructors, he has allowed the method to sprout in more places across the country and soon to follow across the world.

Through the hundreds and thousands of uses of this system, health professionals who implement it have begun to understand and teach others to understand their spirituality. Rob Williams writes about his own system and mentions that it is a method that can influence an individual’s state of mind directly.

Two great men of science and philosophy spoke on the subject of man and divinity. Both Albert Einstein and Frenchman Chardin spoke of man’s loss of mental equilibrium due to his feelings of being separated from the divine. The state of a divine soul having to spend out a human life is supposedly what pulls people into depressions, confusion, and anxiety.

This particular system is supposed to help individuals identify the subconscious mind’s programmed thoughts and feelings. This special method was devised through years of research on groups and individuals. The observations and analysis that came from these studies helped to build the tool that helps people identify their issues and help improve or eradicate them.

A person’s subconscious is thought to govern the thoughts and actions of what can be realistically achieved. Psych-K is a process that was designed to facilitate communication between the two hemispheres of the brain and thereby help merge the subconscious with the conscious to resolve an issues that an individual may have or be suffering from. By giving the brain the ability to think as a whole rather than as separate parts, one can change their subconscious beliefs and achieve tasks that they previously may have thought impossible.

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