Facts About Lice Treatment San Francisco Parents Need To Know

Many school-aged children end up with head lice, which can be very upsetting for their parents to discover. Proper actions must be taken in a timely manner to put an end to this problem and prevent a recurrence. While no single lice treatment San Francisco parents can use to remedy the issue is guaranteed to be completely effective, usually the infestation can be eliminated eventually by using more than one approach if necessary.

An adult head louse can lay as many as ten nits or eggs every day, which typically take about one week or more to hatch. These new hatchlings are about the size of a pinhead, but only take about 9 to 12 days to fully mature to adulthood and begin laying eggs of their own. Within a month’s time, a full infestation can be present on a child’s head.

Besides having an itchy scalp, the child may also exhibit tiny bite marks on the neck when an infestation is present. Closely examining the scalp will usually reveal the sesame seed-sized, grayish or rusty-colored parasites and the tiny beige oval specks (nits) which may be attached onto the hair shafts.

Visiting the child’s doctor is the first step, and the physician will recommend the best course of treatment. In most cases this involves the use of a “pediculicide” to destroy both the parasites and eggs, and the removal of their bodies using a comb. It is important to repeat this procedure in a week’s time as to kill any survivors. All members of the household should be checked, and treated if infested.

Proper attention must also be given to any personal items used by the affected child. This includes bedding, clothing, furnishings, stuffed toys etc. Any item which has been in contact with the child’s head for the couple days before they were treated should be washed in hot water, and furniture should be thoroughly vacuumed.

The application of forced hot air onto the child’s scalp can also help kill these parasites. The heat dries up all moisture in their bodies, resulting in death. One may use either an ordinary blow dryer or a special apparatus that has been made for this use. This action will need to be repeated again in a week to ten days.

The physical removal of these pests is best done using a lice comb. This ultra-fine toothed comb normally has no more than 0.012 inch between teeth, and it is best to use a metal design as the teeth will not pull apart easily. Combing should be done daily on damp hair, rinsing the comb frequently. An electronic comb is also available which destroys the lice using a mild electric shock, but causes no harm to people.

An important part of any program for lice treatment San Francisco parents should be aware of is prevention. The child must not be allowed to share brushes, hair accessories, hats, or clothing items with other children. Hair should be worn short or kept back in a pony tail, braid, or bun and sprayed with a citronella spray twice daily as the scent is unappealing to lice and may prevent their return.

You can visit the website www.licepatrol.org for more helpful information about Facts About Lice Treatment San Francisco Parents Need To Know

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