Examples Of Pain Board Exam Questions

Those who have their minds set on practicing medicine will probably have to take the pain board exam at some time or another. The tests can be taken at the center of your choice and there are many throughout the USA. Not every test is the same, some focus on different aspects of pain medicine than others. Revision for these is very important as it gives an indication as to what to expect from the proper examination.

There are a plethora of revision courses out there but be wary of any firm that guarantees you’ll pass. The revision usually has a set of mock questions that put the student in a hypothetical scenario. In one such scenario the student was asked what their course of action would be if a patent came to them with chest discomfort, having been discharged not so long ago with a fractured femur.

They sometimes try and put less common ailments on the examination papers. An example of this is a question that asks what action you would take if someone came to you with discomfort in various parts of their body – upper limbs, neck, upper back and chest. The goal of these types of questions are to get the student thinking about the various factors that go into diagnosing an ailment.

It is not always possible for a medical person to diagnose an illness. In fact, it has been said at times that being a medical practitioner is akin to being a detective because of the need to work out things. When problems making a diagnosis arise, sometimes a CT or MRI scan is needed and the test will sometimes ask about these.

It isn’t only the medical side of things that needs to be understood by the student. Knowing about workers’ compensation systems may also be of benefit. You may well be asked to undertake a number of tests to analyze the level of discomfort in patients, with a view to compiling a report to be used for workers’ compensation claims.

It’s imperative that a medical practitioner knows about the effects that different types of antidepressants have on patients. They must also know what to prescribe to certain individuals in certain situations. For example, if an elderly man comes in complaining of discomfort in a certain region, a different medicine might be prescribed for him than for, say, a much younger male with a similar complaint. The test might throw up hypothetical situations and ask for the best medicine in those circumstances.

The trouble with discomfort is that it can be quite subjective. One person’s severe pain can be another’s slight discomfort. This means that asking the relevant questions to patients is even more important, and the examination may reflect this.

The pain board exam covers a broad range of topics and therefore revision is very important. Headaches and migraines cover an important part of a physicians job too, as does speaking with patients to ascertain the level of discomfort and unease which they feel.

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