Answering Misconceptions About Psychoanalytic Training

Anyone wishing to get involved in the psychoanalytic training field might at first be put off because they do not have mental health qualifications, and they naturally assume these are needed to apply to train with an institution. However, no qualifications of this sort are needed in order to be accepted. Whereas some experience in the field of mental health might be preferable, lack of experience is by no means an outright bar.

One thing people often wonder is if they need any type of clinical experience to apply to train in the industry, and the answer to this is no. At interview the candidate is usually assessed for their knowledge of certain issues and suggestions made for them to get experience in certain facets of medicine. If accepted, some courses will plan for you to gain clinical experience that you will need for your training.

Other misconceptions included the need to already be in the analysis field to be accepted. This is not true, although some that apply are already in psychotherapy because this sphere can help them decide if they want to go into psychoanalytic field.

Bear in mind that there are no limits on age when it comes to this field of expertise. Each person is assessed individually and on their merits. One thing that should be considered, whatever your age, is that this line of work does take a while to learn. Because of this, anyone wishing to learn psychoanalysis should not leave it too long to decide.

Not everyone will be suitable to apply for it though. Like many things there are qualifications that you will need, the minimum usually being a degree or some equivalent. Bear in mind that you will be judged on your own merits just like any other application.

Some might not like the idea of taking the time to apply when they’re unsure if they have a realistic chance of being accepted. If you’re one of those then maybe you need to speak to the institution and ascertain if it is even worth putting pen to paper in the first place. The process normally begins by sending a CV to the course instructor or some other official and having an informal talk about your candidature.

If you’re one of those that get turned down for a place then try not to be too downcast. You are not the only one to have been turned down. Not many people actually get into the training courses because they are very popular. If you are adamant that it’s what you want to do then try and get feedback on what went wrong and what you can improve on for the future.

After the psychoanalytic training interview you can get feedback from the interviewers and have a full discussion with the decision makers on where you can go from there. Bear in mind that if you do not get accepted there could be other career avenues open to you. It’s always worth asking around for alternative career paths in therapy.

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