The Use Of Patient Education Handouts

Patient education handouts are written documents. These documents are majorly made for the sick people. They are made available in some hospitals depending on how necessary the administration of those particular hospitals finds them.

The target group of these documents is basically the whole world population, depending on their content. However, most of them are provided to the disadvantaged sick people. These are patients who are deaf, but can see. Others are mostly designed for patients with amnesia. Considering their rate of forgetting even the simplest of things, they are presented to them or to their relatives to serve as reminders.

These documents when containing general knowledge such as coping with HIV, they may be readily made by organizations such as the world health organization and distributed to hospitals. The same organizations may then provide funds for translation of those articles into the various local dialects in written, for the sake of those who can read, but cannot understand English or other international languages.

These documents have very many advantages. The most important is, they improve the adherence levels of a patient to medication, since chances of forgetting when they should be taking the medication are really minimized. This is because reference can always be made to the written instructions of the doctors. They also help reach a larger group of people beyond the targeted individual. These may include family members or those living with the patients that are given these handouts.

However, they also have their disadvantages. They may not be of any use in a case where a patient can see but is totally illiterate. They may also not work for the deaf and blind people, leaving their reference solely to their caretakers. Also, they may lead to unclean environment when they are carelessly placed or thrown after use by the parties to whom they are presented.

These handouts usually contain a series of information. It may be to educate the members on preventive measures of certain diseases, methods of coping with various diseases or how to administer first aid in case of sicknesses or accidents. Sometimes, they also may be on matters such as hygiene and diet. Various types of diseases may also be highlighted.

Much as these handouts are meant for the sickly people. They are not only given to sick people. They are also given to healthy people to whom awareness needs to be created. These people can be found in hospitals as patients or healthy but caring for the sick. They may also be found in their homes, places of work or any other place, by people paid by these organizations to distribute the handouts.

Patient education handouts have over time proven useful. Many health organizations have recommended for their use and are championing for its implementation. People also running their own private hospitals, especially those concerned more with quality patient care than money generation, have already put this method into practice for better service delivery.

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