Finding A Compounding Pharmacy For Your Special Medication Needs

Most people are familiar with their local pharmacy, where prescriptions are filled by pharmacists and technicians. However, for a segment of the population that have unique needs in this area, there is a specialized place where they can get their needs met by the same quality of personnel. A compounding pharmacy can custom make many types and forms of medications to meet the needs of these patients.

Originally compounding was the method that the drugs were made and then distributed to the people who needed them or to the doctors, and they used ingredients found in nature, including plant and animal oils. They combined these ingredients to make items such as perfumes, dyes and eventually medicines for healing. Eventually, modern facilities produced more and more medications in mass production, making the specialist pharmacists more uncommon and harder to locate.

There can be a variety of reasons why someone may want or need to use compounding versus the conventional methods. It can be that they have an allergy to a specific ingredient that is in the manufactured version of the drug and the specializing pharmacist can remove it while leaving the active medication intact. The use of patient-specific hormone therapy is also an increasingly popular use of these facilities and pharmacist knowledge.

Intravenous fluids are common forms that are needing to be compounded and is typically done in hospitals. This is a “traditional” form of compounding and can also include other types of medications altered from their original form to accommodate each patient’s specific needs or wants. This also can include oral or transdermal medicines as needed.

The second type is more creative and problem-solving that allows the pharmacist to tailor the med to what the patient requires. This can include allergies, tiny doses for infants, or changing the basic form of the medication to a gel or cream that can be applied to the skin. Children and animals, also, can benefit by having more appealing flavorings added to liquid medicine, or making pills smaller and easier to swallow.

A limited number of these special pharmacies can produce medications that the manufacturer has discontinued from mass distribution for low sales numbers that may have not been profitable to the manufacturer. Some patients find a medication that works especially well for them that they can still obtain. The specialty pharmacy can help them to still be able to use that particular medication if their physician is in agreement.

These facilities located in the United States must be licensed and still have to abide by many of the same regulations that regular pharmacies must. The Pharmacy Compound Accreditation Board (PCAB) is the government agency that regulates them, but it is not a requirement that they join, and they are only inspected for standards every 3 years to ensure their compliance.

The compounding pharmacy can be of a great benefit to many different groups of patients, depending on need, including animals. Most of the population can get their medications in the normal fashion, but for a select group of people needing specialized prescriptions, a compounding pharmacy may be the answer.

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