For Many Residents Of Des Moines Acupuncture Is The Preferred Treatment Alternative

The history of medicine is as old as mankind itself. Modern medicine, based upon a scientific foundation and relying on a host of chemicals to heal disease is a relative new development. There are ancient healing methods and many of them survive to this day. In fact, more and more people turn to alternative treatment therapies. For example, for many residents of Des Moines acupuncture is preferable to modern techniques.

The healing methods used by modern acupuncturists are based upon the age old traditional Chinese methods that date back thousands of years. Research has shown that this medicine was actively practiced as far back as the Stone Age. Practitioners use one or a combination of several techniques to heal a host of illnesses and conditions and the use of needles is just of these methods.

The Chinese believe that all disease is caused when the natural flow of energy, called qi, is disrupted or blocked at certain critical points named acupoints. In order to ensure healing such blockages must be cleared and the natural flow of qi must be reinstated. This is done by manipulating the acupoints, using one of several techniques to achieve the desired result.

It is not surprising to learn that they theory has many critics. No research has been able to confirm the existence of a life force or of specific acupoints. However, other studies have shown that the method is remarkably effective in treating a number of psychological conditions such as sleeplessness, depression and anxiety. Surprising results were also achieved in relieving pain and reducing nausea in patients that were undergoing surgery.

It is interesting to note that, despite the criticism form many people, this form of therapy has found approval with many statutory bodies. The WHO, the National Health Service of the United Kingdom and the National Institutes of Health in the United States have all approved remedies offered by professional acupuncturists. It is also interesting to note that most scientists, even critics agree that the method is not invasive at all.

People flock to acupuncturists looking for help in dealing with a variety of issues and they normally do this only after the mainstream medical field has failed them. Pain relief and a wide variety of mental issues are normally the mainstay of problems presented to practitioners. They are said to be able to help people to stop smoking and their skill in relieving constant pain is almost legendary.

When deciding to visit an acupuncturist it is vital to choose somebody that is qualified and experienced in the application of the original and approved treatment methods. It is unfortunate that there are many charlatans that advertise their services. An unqualified practitioner does not know how to properly administer the various therapies and they can do more harm than good.

In Des Moines acupuncture therapy has seen a massive increase in popularity. Many people are moving towards alternative treatment methods, believing that modern medicine is invasive, harsh and even harmful. It is certainly true that this ancient method is proven to produce impressive results in certain areas and it is a recognized therapy in many countries.

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