Why Companies Prefer Doing On Site Drug Testing

It has been observed that many organizations have started to make the use of on site drug testing. This type of testing is done before offering an employment contract just to make sure that the specific person they want to offer the job is free from any sort of drug or alcohol abuse. This test is essential in the sense that, once job is offered the employer can’t do much about drug abuse problem and has to bear the extra costs at the same time.

Such testing gives a chance to the executives to channel out every one of the aforementioned occupation inquirers whose test comes about turnout to be sure. It is valuable as in the representing organization can make a drug free environment for their representatives which is truly sound for the general development of any association. Despite the fact that, once procured, if a person’s test come about ends up being certain, he is given cautioning and need to pay a certain measure of fine. In the meantime he is given fitting medicinal medication and guiding offices to conquer his terrible propensity.

It is a fact that drug abuse can lead to severe problems among the employees. The rate of absentees increases, level of productivity declines and employers have to face the issues of attitude problems. The level of crime, theft and violence can become uncontrollable if organizations don’t put an appropriate check in this regards.

With the assistance of preemployment drugs tests the health and well being of worker is ensured to a certain degree. Numerous organizations have begun doing irregular on site testing which is viewed as a great and successful route to keep individuals far from drugs whilst they are meeting expectations. The utilization of drugs can expedite horrible working demeanor and the expense is at last paid by the organization in the occasion of flat benefit levels.

A sense of positive relationship with employee can be created in this manner because he is given a sense of security that the employer is giving regards to his personal problems. Moreover, the company’s cost is saved with the help of enhancement in productivity level which in return gives a competitive edge to the company.

Mainly two different types of tests are frequently done, the five panel test and the ten panel test. The five panel test is helpful in the detection of Cocaine. PCP, Opiates, Marijuana and Amphetamine. On the other hand, the ten panel test is used to detect Barbiturates, Methaqualone, Benzodiazepines, Methadone and Propoxyphene.

Ordinarily it’s done with a breathalyzer and when drugs are used they stay inside the arrangement of your physique for almost four days. Those people who take on excessive amounts normally can get positive result for up to 14 days. Different techniques utilized for testing consist of urine and hair test.

To ensure a safe and healthy environment for their employees, many organizations have started to do on site drug testing. It is an employer’s responsibility to provide full care and support to an individual who is identified with positive test results. The organization must take important steps to make sure full support is given and such problem is tackled effectively.

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