Commonly Used IUD Canada Birth Control Methods

Because of the increased population nowadays most married women have chosen to use the available birth control methods. Some of the common methods that are used are the condoms, depo provera injections, the copper IUD coils, and the implants. All these different methods can be effective for a certain time in your body. One that is commonly used is the IUD Canada.

The very common type of contraceptive is the condom. This is a device that can either be won by a man or a woman in a sexual intercourse. It does not only prevent you from being pregnant but also from contracting any STI. This is among the best contraceptives. The only bad thing that can happen if it bursts. The semen can mix and one can become pregnant or contract a diseases. It is not one hundred percent effective.

Another type of contraceptive is the pills. This is to be taken on daily basis. You should set the best time for doing it and it should be before you have a sexual intercourse. They are bought at the hospitals and some chemists. Once you have started taking it you should not stop it because if you do, be sure that you can conceive at any time.

There are very many women in Canada who like this method of family planning. When you want to choose you must be aware that it is available in two different types. The copper IUDs are an example of them . Most people say that it is a conventional type of contraceptive. It has a t shape with some strings below it. It can be inserted to the uterus by the help of a doctor or a health expert. Its main aim is to always stop the sperm from fertilizing any egg. It can last in your uterus for around three to five years depending on its validity.

The implants are some other method to be used. They too are put at the upper part of the arm. They are put at the sides. They can be effective to prevent the pregnancy for the specified time. You can get one that can last for ten years, five years, or even one year. This will all depend on the type that you chose to be implanted on you.

Once you have it on, you should be aware that this is only meant to prevent pregnancy and nothing else. It means that you can contract any other STI because it was not meant to prevent that. There are some benefits you will get when you are using the device.

Just as your tubes can get tied, the same way it is for this device. This means that its very effective in the prevention of pregnancies. The only different thing about this is when you think you want to have a child you will only remove it and wit for some time and you will be ready to conceive.

As for the IUD Canada it should be put in the uterus. It does not allow fertilization and implantation. It is another very good method for controlling birth.

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