The Melding Of Mind And Body Under Psych-k

Robert M. Williams first developed Psych-k as a process that would teach people how to tap into their subconscious. He believes that the subconscious and conscious can work against each other and can be trained to cooperate. This technique can heal both your mental and physical health.

Robert M. Williams started Psych-k in 1988. He had been working in the business field when he realized that he really wanted to be a psychologist. However, when he began studying psychology he felt that the standard techniques were not working. They did not address spiritual needs and were overall ineffective. He then studied various non-traditional methods and created the Psych-k system.

This system teaches you to change your subconscious beliefs. You then use these changes to convince your conscious and subconscious to work together instead of against each other. By doing this you can get rid of ideas that cause you to use less than your full potential. It is not invasive, but rather uses a combination of techniques based upon scientific research into neuroscience combined with ancient and modern mind and body wisdom.

People use Psych-k to help their careers, relationships, and health. Of course, the program does not take the place of all modern medicine and people may need to use a combination of both. This is just a method of treating your body as a whole and fixing the way you think. You can then make changes that will improve every area of your life. The process also uses the understanding how your right and left hemispheres communicate and how they can work together to make decisions.

The spiritual part of the process consists of such things as understanding why we are not happy with just material possessions but realizing that we also have a need for deeper meaning in our lives. This means recognizing the threats that we face in our daily lives, such as violence and economic collapse, and how our spiritual beliefs can help us turn inward for comfort. Through this method you work on issues that help you boost your self esteem and deal with relationship problems, loss, and even prosperity.

Some people have criticized Psych-k because it uses applied kinesiology. They do not consider this a real science because it uses muscle testing and no scientific studies have shown this to be a valid method of treatment. Also, one concern is that the price is out of range of most people because even the basic workshop costs just under $500.

The methods used by Psych-k are actually considered alternative medicine. People have started to realize that the medical profession does not have all of the answers and that they often do not address the mind body relationship. Alternative medicine does consider the whole body treatment and many people have found it to be useful.

Many people have found Psych-k to be extremely effective for them. It has helped them retrain their brain to listen to messages from their subconscious in order to heal their mind and their bodies. There are some detractors but overall this alternative health method can help someone who does not want to rely solely upon traditional medicine.

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