The Criteria For Exclusion In The Ibogaine Therapy

A lot of the common medicines, therapies, and treatments available nowadays have been in existence for centuries. This includes the ibogaine therapy. There are surely lots of people who knows the advantages of using this treatment for their own illness. This particular illness refers to addiction, to be precise.

It will be difficult for some people to take this treatment though. After all, there are those individuals who are not really qualified to take this one up. It is for their health and safety that they are not allowed to go through the entire treatment. There are some exclusion criteria that must be taken into consideration for this matter.

When it comes to this treatment, it is best for those people who have a history of psychiatric disorders like cerebellar dysfunction, bipolar illness, psychosis, major depression, dementia, and organic brain disease should not take this one. Same goes with people experiencing active neurological disorders. It will be difficult to administer this treatment to them.

The person will also be disqualified from taking this treatment if they have a score in the Beck Depression Inventory that is greater than or is equal to 24. The Beck Depression Inventory is a multiple choice report which is self-inventory. With this, one’s severity of depression can be easily measured.

It is not good to take this treatment along with concomitant medications. That is why those people requiring such medications are not permitted to take this treatment. This will only interfere with the medication’s evaluation. Examples of the said medications are antidepressants, meperidine, anti-epileptic drugs, neuroleptics, hypnotics, and sedatives.

It is better to check for the patient’s history before deciding on giving the go signal for the treatment. It is best to disqualify those patients with a history in medication sensitivity or adverse reactions to it. Be sure to also disqualify those with a history in myocardial infarction and significant heart disease. If not, the chances of aggravating their condition will increase.

Even those with hypertension can be eliminated from the list. It is a must to watch the blood pressure of the patient since those with a pulse greater than 120 beats per minute or less than 50 beats per minute cannot take this medication. It will be dangerous for them if they insist to take this medication if their blood pressure is not within the qualifications.

He should also make sure that there are not problems with the kidney or the gastrointestinal system liver. If the patient has any diseases with these systems, he should then reconsider the choice. This is because the treatment will only compromise the functions of these systems. There will also be alterations to the functions due to the treatment.

There are many other things to pay attention to when the person wants to get the ibogaine therapy. Of course, he should be meticulous with this. After all, if he insists on taking the treatment despite not being qualified to it might bring him irreversible effects that will change his life forever. There are no second chances when they lost important functionality in their body. Worst off, they will not be able to bring back life that was lost.

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