How To Remove Skin Tags

Usually, skin tags are a consequence of the skin friction, and they cannot be prevented but there are guidelines on how to remove skin tags and have flawless skin. At the beginning they seem to be a simple skin irritation, which later develops into an unattractive skin tag.

Skin tags are one of the reasons why certain men don’t take off their shirts in public and why some women have stopped wearing jewelry, to avoid those unpleasant situations when the unsightly pests get caught on their necklace or bracelet. And, despite skin tags are only rarely dangerous, they can be sour, and you may feel pain when you rub them. However, you should not worry, because there are several methods through which you can eliminate you skin tags at home, and in the following article you are introduced to the most widespread ones.

One of the most common treatments implies eliminating your tags by cutting off their blood supply, and to do this,you will need some dental floss, or even sewing thread, which you are going to use to surround the base of the tags. Still, you will need to surround the base of the tag firmly, and make a strong knot. This way, the skin tag will be left with no blood supply. After no more than two days, you will notice that your tag is gone.

However, bear in mind that you can’t follow all these steps correctly without the help of another person. These being said, never hesitate to ask for help before proceeding! Another method for removing skin tags consists in using a capsule of vitamin E. This vitamin is highly efficient as long as it is applied regularly on the affected areas. After following this first step, you have to cover the area with a bandage in order to give the vitamin time to penetrate the skin. Similarly, if you want your tags to fall off faster, then you can apply a Band-Aid bandage on the skin, as it will cut off the blood supply, causing your tag to disappear faster.

If you repeat the treatment on a daily basis, you will see a change faster. And be very careful when you cut the capsule of vitamin E. What is more, duct tape is said to be extremely useful when it comes to eliminating skin tags. The duct tape has to be placed over the tags, and kept there until they come loose. This can be a sign that the skin tag has fallen off, but if you remove the duct tape and you see that nothing has happened, you should try using the method every day, until you manage to get rid of the unwanted skin tag.

Another thing that you should try is the Compound W. acid, which is generally used for warts removal. The steps are similar to those of the other methods: you apply the acid on the skin tag and you use some Band-Aid to wrap it. The acid has to be applied on the tags on a daily basis, as many times as necessary, until it shows results. These home treatments can give results as good as those offered by doctors. Likewise, they are made entirely out of accessible, cheap ingredients that you will be able to procure without difficulty.

It is very important to cut off the blood supply of the tag, as this is the secret that makes all these cures efficient. Fortunately, now you can start using these fabulous skin tag removal methods, and save all the money the you would have otherwise spend on costly chemical cures.

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