How To Get Rid Of Warts

Warts are a really widespread skin condition. In the majority of the situations, they are totally benign, except for those genital warts that can sometimes lead to cancerous changes. Spotting them should instantly deter you to treat them. Human papilloma virus, which feeds with blood and nests in the top layers of the skin, is responsible for the formation of the unlikeable growths called warts.

Skin contact with an infected person is enough to catch the warts virus and it can also be caught in all public places. Warts usually disappear on their own in 12 to 16 months. Unfortunately, there are cases of stubborn warts that stay without healing for years. You should consider treating warts after noticing them because the virus is contagious. Fortunately, a lot of warts treatments are available. There are treatments that can be performed by doctors and some others that can be performed at home. Consulting your GP should be your first action if you opt for home remedies because you need to be sure it is warts you are suffering from and not some other skin condition.

You can see a doctor for a professional treatment, buy OTC remedies from pharmacies or purchase natural remedies in supermarkets in order to get rid of warts.

In the majority of the cases, professional treatments are among the solutions that require the less amount of time. In some cases, surgery, laser surgery and electric needle might cause scars. There are procedures like Miquimod cream, Cantharidian treatment or pulsed dye laser that don’t cause scars. Cryotherapy or freezing is the most commonly used method, even though it can cause minor scars in case the warts are really serious.

In most of the cases, one to three visits to the doctor’s office are required in order to remove warts. In case you decide to get rid of warts by yourself, opt for OTC remedies because they are a cheap and practical solution. They can be in the form of adhesive discs, liquids and gels which you have to apply over the wart. Usually, the most effective are the ones which have salicylic acid, but you can also find others which have castor oil or fruit oils and acids. Cryotherapy can also be performed at home if you buy applicators from the pharmacy.

Make sure you respect all the instructions which come with the product. Once you decide to utilize natural remedies, you can go to almost any pharmacy or market to buy them. Amid natural remedies you can find castor oil, Aloe Vera gel, garlic, apple cider vinegar, other peculiar remedies and tea tree oil. According to the type, number and remedy, removing the warts might take a few days to a few months.

The advantage of these methods is that they aren’t very expensive, painful and they have no side effects. Remember that you ought to check with your doctor before starting to use OTC or natural remedies for genital warts.

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