Guidelines For Efficient Mole Removal Procedures

Moles, or nevi, are undesirable for many people, who choose to remove them; still, in special situations removing a mole is inevitable.

They can be eliminated by two surgical procedures, excision, and excision with cauterization, and in the first case the mole is cut from the skin, whereas in the second case it is cauterized.

Another solution is laser excision, but it is not appropriate for some types of moles because it cannot reach the very deep layers of skin. In most cases, after a consult the dermatologist will suggest a type of excursion, considering your mole, the expected cosmetic outcome and the risks. People usually refer to a mole as a skin irregularity which has a dark color.

Nevertheless, doctors have very diverse terms for these formations, including blood vessels, skin marks, keratosis, birth marks, and they all have to be approached differently. Also, moles appear for numerous reasons and you should have nothing to be scared about. Although most people are born with their moles, these formations can develop in time too. Also, moles can be inherited, or they can appear after long periods of sun exposure.

Many individuals inherit the dysplastic moles from their family, and they are very unfortunate, because these moles increase the risk of developing skin cancer. If you undergo a mole removal surgical procedure, you should know that your chances of getting a scar are increased. People tend to put beauty above everything, and they remove their moles surgically, without knowing that they can be left with horrible scars. For this reason, it is important to speak with your dermatologist about the scaring probability, and find out if there are any ways to eliminate the remaining scar. Before having your moles removed surgically, they will be numb with Lidoderm, Lidocaine, Xylocaine Jelly or Bactine.

This process does not take a very long period of time, but your surgeons will probably prefer to wait for at least thirty minutes, until the blow flow to the moles reduces. The procedure itself implies that the mole is being cut off from under the level of skin, with a scalpel. Then, he will cauterize the area either with a special electrical instrument, or will use a solution, to stop bleeding.

Next, he will place an antibiotic on the wound to prevent infections, and then will provide you with the necessary instructions, in order to take care of it. In most cases it is advisable to undergo an excision surgery if you have a flat mole, of a darker color. In these cases, the surgeon will detect the mole, sterilize the area, and then numb it for the actual surgery. Then, the surgeon will cut your mole off, along with a good portion of the skin which surrounds it. The surgeon will decide how much of your skin he will remove. If in his opinion the mole is cancerous, or precancerous, he will remove a larger portion of skin as a preventive measure, in order to make sure that the mole itself is entirely excised.

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