Emotions And Spine Center Bellingham

Dealing with ones emotions and the Spine Center Bellingham go hand in hand in achieving better results in cases of spinal related injuries. As in all cases whether genetically based, degeneratively or accident based, a certain degree of loss is experienced. This comes about as what one could do prior to developing a back condition one is not able to do or accomplish as easily after the event.

Many books have been written about loss and the sequence of emotions one experiences due to loss of a loved one, loss of an item and even loss of the use of a limb. Back related conditions are no worse and for some correlating it on the degree of scale of intensity with relation to other losses is incomparable. In most cases the sequence of events is as such.

Emotional loss is very much a part of the rehabilitative process. Loss in any form requires a time in resolving emotions such as denial, feelings of betrayal, remorse, apathy, lethargy and depression. A feeling of hopelessness can in a sense drown one in a quagmire of negative feelings if not deal with speedily. Fortunately. There is process in dealing with these emotions and assistance is given in the form of therapy and discussion groups as the patient works towards strengthening his or her physical condition.

Denial is often the first hurdle a person has to get over no matter what the loss is. And having a spinal injury is in a sense a loss. It is a loss of a physical condition that a person almost took for granted.

As one works through the various stages of rehabilitation one is able to come to terms with the physical condition one finds oneself in. It is process and a time bound set of tasks that one has to consistently perform on a daily basis. For some the task can be likened to and be comparable with summitting Mount Everest and in order to do this a well structured plan is set in motion.

A physical exercise regimen is carefully planned by instructors, physicians and therapists alike in getting you back on your feet again so to speak. It all begins with baby steps as one is propelled forward in ever increasing tasks at enhancing muscle and structural functionality. It is a process that requires patients with extreme spinal abnormalities to take that first step forward and continuing to take them each and every day.

In this way repetition solves the initial problems of apathy and apprehension that one will return to a normal way of life. Other exercises include swimming aerobics which is often recommended in taking the weight off the back and spinal column. In this way alternating between physical land born exercises and water exercises allows the muscles to relax as it experiences both mediums.

The Spine Center Bellingham are aware of these subtle changes in the processes of rebuilding bone matter and muscle degradation. It is a process that can span over several months and sometimes several years. Services such as these offer a detailed manner in returning to normal functionality.

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