Choose Among These Surgical Options For Mole Removal

People with moles that have suddenly become problematic often find themselves frantic, looking for solutions to their problem and researching various mole removal methods. But there are now a number of solutions or treatment options specifically available to people who suffer from these mole conditions. The common surgery method is probably the first thing that people would immediately think of. This procedure would not subject the patient to any pain at all. The dermatologist simply assesses the skin, numbs the area where the mole is, and the mole, and then cuts it off the skin. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t have to worry about stitches except, of course, in cases where the mole removed are of a relatively large size. The doctor will prescribe something for the pain and you will take that as the stitches heal.

Freezing the moles off is quite a delicate procedure. Liquid nitrogen is the main tool in this procedure. It is applied directly on the moles and, after a while, the moles will fall off. This process could result in some scarring, especially for those with sensitive skin. You can also expect some pain. Cryotherapy – the other name for this process – should be done with a dermatologist’s presence.

As far as surgical methods go, there is newer method that has been getting positive feedback for its effectiveness. It will still see the doctor do some numbing of the affected area on the skin and the cutting off of the mole. But, in this procedure, an electric point is used on inner skin tissue where the mole is deeply seated. The mole is zapped directly from its roots, decreasing the chances or possibilities of the mole recurring after it has been removed. But electrosurgery – the technical name for this procedure – is not without its risks. Scarring is highly possible.

The goal in using most of the surgical mole treatment options is to achieve a lasting solution to the skin condition. You should remember, however, that the differences in skin type is one factor that causes surgery to have different effects or levels of success in people. This is especially apparent in laser surgery. You will notice that darker skin would show more flawless results than people with lighter skin who underwent the procedure. The mole cells are directly zapped through the use of laser – a special light that has the capability of rendering the nerves and skin tissue surrounding the moles disabled. A fortnight would be enough for the recovery and healing period. But take note that this procedure does not come cheap at all.

Further evaluations and assessments would reveal that there are upsides and downsides to all of these surgical treatments. It would be up to you to study them carefully in order to make a good decision on which surgical procedure to apply. The skin doctor will do analysis of your condition and skin type to deduce the best surgical options that will work best for you. It would be in your best interests if you get as much information as you need about your mole condition and how to get rid of moles before taking the final step and choosing one specific surgical process to undergo.

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