Addiction Interruption With Ibogaine Therapy

If you are considering to undergo rehabilitation due to your substance addiction, you ought to tap your self in the back, by surpassing the hardest part in addiction, acceptance. With the number of rehabilitation centers it could be pretty confusing to choose whichever is the right one for you. If your past rehab treatment failed, then it’s high time to consider ibogaine treatment.

Ibogaine is an active alkaloid isolated from the root bark of a shrub Tabernanthe Iboga. Its chemical properties used as at treatment for opiate addiction withdrawal were non-existent until the late 1960’s. Ever since then, medical researches were conducted and it was soon found out that the active chemical of Tabernanthe Iboga is an efficient substance to treat addiction,

Addictive substances such as nicotine, alcohol, methadone, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine could be efficiently counteracted by the active drug as well. It’s said to help on alleviating the physical withdrawal symptoms from opiate detoxification by refreshing or resetting the opiate receptor sites, no other substance has shown similar action.

To start with, this substance is an isolated alkaloid found in the root barks of Tabernanthe Iboga an African shrub. It works by stopping withdrawal symptoms to a unique mode of action. It was first discovered to be effective in opiate withdrawal symptoms while later on it was proved that it as effective in halting withdrawal symptoms such as cocaine, nicotine, alcohol, heroin, methamphetamine and methadone.

This remarkable substance prevents massive withdrawal symptoms by resetting the affected receptor sites. Meaning, the active chemical of such substance will replace or block those receptor sites that usually harbor addictive chemicals in them. By blocking those substances, it will take away any memory of you brain and body that you were addicted to, for example heroin.

Though it may take days for that full effect to settle in, it will definitely be worth the wait. With such therapy there will be slimmer chance for relapse. Within three to five days, it will be able to diminish one’s desire and craving for addictive substances. And it sure does gives you the power to stop and end your addiction and be in compete control with you life.

During the treatment, one may undergo two phases. Namely, the awakened dream state and introspective phase. On the first phase, it is described as it was like a person’s conscious and unconscious mind is merged. Memories and life events that a person intentionally or unintentionally blocked from their memory will be revisited, but not all may experience this one.

After the initial phase the period of introspection follows. This is where the real pain kicks in, a person in the introspective phase will feel a variety of emotions within the next 24-36 hours. The active chemical could be pretty hard on the body which makes it necessary for one to recuperate physically, others would feel very weak and would need to stay mostly in bed.

The introspective phase is the largest and hardest part of the ibogaine treatment. However, if you want to escape the prison you let yourself go into, it is very much worth it to be in such pain and be completely free from all those substances.

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