What Users Of Ibogaine Need To Know

Ibogaine is a psychoactive chemical occurring naturally. It is derived from the Iboga plant that is native to West Africa. Until its introduction to modern medicine, it had for a long time been used in the performance of tribal rituals. The effects of the chemical are primarily dependent on the dosage that is taken. A small dose is stimulating while a larger one is likely to cause psychedelic effects. Besides direct extraction, the substance may also be synthesized using a precursor known as voacangine.

The list of uses for the drug continues to grow by the day. The most significant of these uses is, of course, the treatment of drug addictions particularly those related to opioids. Drug addicts are able to stop their habits without suffering from withdrawal effects. Dependence to alcohol, nicotinic substances and amphetamines may also be reduced.

The commonest route of administration is the oral route which involves the use of a capsule. There is a formulation that may be given as an enema to patients who are intolerant to the oral formulations or those with excessive vomiting. A single dose is effective in most cases. It is important to combine the treatment with other modalities so as to achieve full rehabilitation.

Ibogaine is reported to be effective in controlling chronic pain in experimental animal models. In this indication, it is often combined with opioid analgesics such as morphine. It remains to be seen if the same will be extended to routine clinical practice. Another important future prospect is its use as a psychotherapy medication particularly in post-traumatic stress disorder.

The mechanism of action of the drug is somewhat complex. When taken orally or as an enema, it is metabolized in the liver through a system known as the cyp 450 to form noribogaine. The addict is taken into a pre-addicted state both biologically and psychologically. The drug enables them to evaluate their addictive behavior in a sober manner free of withdrawal symptoms. Users report an experience of visions of a healing nature. Due to this effect, some people have used the drug as a way of achieving spiritual and emotional growth.

A number of side effects may arise from the use of the drug. Patients commonly suffer from ataxia, a movement disorder associated with difficulty in maintaining balance while walking or standing. There may also be nausea, vomiting and xerostomia (mouth dryness). The symptoms may be experienced for a period of time ranging from 4 to 24 hours. The commonest cause of serious morbidity and mortality is bradycardia (an abnormally slowed heart rate. Other causes may include adverse drug interactions and liver damage.

Psychiatric medication should not be administered alongside ibogaine. This is because the two groups of drugs usually interact to lead to serious adverse effects. Caution is also necessary when the drug is administered to a patient suffering from heart disease to prevent exacerbation of heart conduction abnormalities. Foods and drugs known to affect the cyp 450 system need to be avoided at all costs to avoid slowed metabolism of the drug.

Ibogaine remains an unlicensed drug in very many countries. The argument is that, there have not been enough studies to include it among the drugs listed for medical use. Those that have allowed its use have put in place strict guidelines to control its supply and administration to patients. The drug has been listed as one that has a high potential for abuse.

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