What Ibogaine Treatment Centers Are About

Ibogaine treatment centers are medical amenities that use ibogaine therapies together with other techniques to treat addiction and other conditions. Ibogaine is an extract of the iboga plant that was first discovered in western regions of Africa. Scientific name of the iboga plant is Tabernanthe iboga. It is a member of the Apocynaceae family of plants.

Ibogaine is hallucinogenic exhibiting psychedelic and dissociative characteristics. These hallucinogenic properties have led to it being banned in many countries since it is majorly abused by the public. Such bans only offer exceptions for restricted and strict use and administration by medical facilities. Health amenities that employ it to treat different conditions only give it to clients after approval by professionals. Facilities also ensure that patients are not dependent on it for survival in any way.

This substance is used for treatment of addiction to various substances such as nicotine, heroin, cocaine, tobacco, methamphetamine, methadone, and bhang among other drugs. Its ability to help in treatment of addiction was first discovered in the year 1962 by a certain researcher. Use in western centers however dates something earlier than that time by at least a century. Several other organizations also did research on its use widely at that time.

In states where this product is not allowed, treatment centers cannot buy it from other states. It cannot be purchased from pharmacies too. The sole sources are controlled services that can create it inside labs or grow it in fields. Patients who are in need of it are given in strict doses to curb abuse. Medical experts in amenities that prescribe iboga extract can be held liable for any sort of abuse by patients.

Ibogaine treatment centers perform other functions besides prescription of the medicine. They also do specific research into other uses that could still be unknown by now. They cultivate and create it in labs using synthetic materials. There are also projects in progress that seek to produce derivatives of iboga extract that lack hallucinogenic qualities. Most of these projects are government sponsored or initiatives of independent organizations.

This substance is produced in medical facilities in three major processes. The first process is by deriving the extract found in the iboga plant. This is done in the laboratory using specific methods that ensure maximum yield. Local community also extracts the substance by crushing iboga root barks. The second process is through semi-synthesis from voacangine. Voacangine is a precursor compound that is also an alkaloid.

The third procedure, which is the most recent also, is the full organic synthesis. This process is very costly and tough to do making production of on a commercial scale unachievable. The idea that anoxic atmosphere is required further complicates the procedure. This method is majorly used to generate substance for use in research. The first elaborate description of this procedure was first published in the year 1956 in the US.

Ibogaine treatment centers are present in many states. Even countries that forbids use of the substance permit operation of such health facilities. The internet may be of great help to individuals who want services of such centers.

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