Vital Facts On IUD Canada

Intrauterine devices are small plastic and copper devices that get inserted in the uterus. They have a single thread and at times two at their end. The threads hang at the opening that enters the uterus, into the vagina top. Different sizes are designed for different types of women. It is also known as a coil. In consideration of the use of IUD Canada residents ought to be well conversant of its general functioning.

The level of effectiveness of any contraceptive is dependent on how old one is, how often they have sex and whether or not they follow instructions carefully. The same applies to intrauterine devices. Newer IUDs used in Canada are more effective because they contain more copper. The older ones contain less copper, which means they may not be as effective. The use of intrauterine devices is a method of contraception that can be used in the long term, and is reversible.

As long as the particular individual is not pregnant, there is no specific time when the device is meant to be placed in the uterus. Furthermore, it becomes effective at once, no need to wait for a few days or weeks. The IUD functions through prevention of sperms from reaching the eggs. The sperms are not able to survive in the cervix. Also, it prevents pregnancy through ensuring implantation does not take place.

Preference for the technique in technique is based on several advantages. As soon as the IUD is placed in the uterine region, it takes effect at once. If not removed, the device remains effective for up to ten years. One however has the freedom to remove it whenever there is need. It offers no interruption to the sex life of the individual; neither does it interfere with breastfeeding. Moreover, there is no effect on its functioning by other medicines.

Some setbacks also come about with its use. First, there is the possibility of having periods that are heavier and more painful. This however does not last for long and is known to improve after a while. Those that want to use the technique are subject to internal examination both before and after the procedure to ascertain how effective it would be. Unfortunately however, the technique does not offer protection against sexually transmitted infections.

What most people ask themselves is whether there are any risks with the use of IUDs. That is true. There is a small chance of infection during the first few days of insertion. It is also possible that this device may be expelled from the uterus, but this is not common. People with untreated sexually transmitted infections, those with uterine problems or vaginal bleeding should not use the technique.

Unfortunately for people that opt for this technique in Canada, there is a very slight chance of getting pregnant even with its use. Such pregnancy is likely to be ectopic. In such instances, there is need to seek medical advice at once.

For effective functioning of IUD Canada residents are advised to see their doctor some three to six weeks after the device is put. The same should apply to the event in which one has a problem. The doctor then advises on the best action to be taken.

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