Vertigo And Its Three Major Symptoms

There are some three main ways in which vertigo normally manifests in patients. This is our attempt to gain an understanding of said condition by learning more about the symptoms and discussing them more extensively. All three symptoms we are going to discuss will have a lot to do with the balance of the patience who is experiencing vertigo. Basically, the patient will have difficulty standing up or even walking properly if he is suddenly beset by a vertigo attack.

Thankfully, the individual episodes tend to be brief, though there are some patients in whom they end up occurring all too often, necessitating some serious medical interventions. The mechanism and dynamics of our bodies can be examined more if they are assailed by a condition like vertigo. It is also one of the conditions that help us appreciate just delicate our bodily systems are, and how alarming the effects of a seemingly simple bodily system’s malfunction can be.Patients with vertigo will suddenly feel as though they are constantly in motion, as if they are moving in circles.

It would seem as though they are walking drunk, and no matter how they try to walk one way, they would most likely be going the opposite direction. Dizziness will be inevitable, and nausea attacks will also be involved. Worst case scenario, vomiting would also be possible. Sometimes, the motion is too strong and the movements too realistic that they would not doubt even for a moment that sense of movement is merely taking place in their heads. It wouldn’t be a difficult situation for those patients who are able to manage these bouts of dizziness since that means they can still maintain control in the midst of a vertigo attack.

The patient could also feel as though he is simply standing still. Meanwhile, he feels that the world is spinning or moving around him, making him dizzy. That is another major symptom of vertigo. There would be erratic movement from the patient as he tries to dodge and make his way around a room with moving objects. Balance impairment is also a given. Walking straight or standing still would be an impossible.

The third way in which vertigo normally manifests in patients is where the patient experiences a rather disturbing perception of rotation inside his or her head. For the patient, there is no sense of movement at all, or the patient does not feel as though he or she is moving in any way. Unlike the second symptom discussed earlier, he would not also feel as though there is movement around him. All the sense of movement is in the patient’s head. Essentially, all the whirling is in his head. The knee jerk reaction of a person experiencing this symptom for the first time ever would be one of terror and fear, and that is definitely a natural reaction.

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