The Use Of Ibogaine In Addiction Therapy

Ibogaine is a natural psychoactive substance that is derived from the plant called iboga belonging to the Apocynaceae family. It was discovered about nineteen years ago as an ancient natural and traditional remedy that is native to Gabon and most other nations in central and West Africa. It has been used in shamanic rituals of initiation and for spiritual traditions for a very long time making it uncertain exactly when it was discovered in the African setup.

Some communities also discovered the medicinal values of the product more so the Bwiti community who believed to have obtained that information from their ancestors of the pygmy community who they believed to be the discoverers. In the modern world however, it was first publish by Howard Loster in 1962 who scientifically demonstrated the anti-addictive properties it had.

The French market this drug as Lambarene for use specifically in diet problems in people who may have trouble with eating too much. The United States through the Central intelligence agency made detailed studies into the product and recommended it for use in America. This substance is an alkaloid that is extracted from the iboga shrub, similar synthetic products from organic sources have been made that have the same properties though large scale production has been limited by high costs and environmental pollution incurred in the process.

The ability of this drug to stop substance addiction has been scientifically proven and accepted. Patients with lifelong decency to different products were able to obtain healing free of withdrawal symptoms that follow once one is addicted on a chemical substance. With special counseling post-treatment, full psychological healing can also be achieved from the mental aspects surrounding addiction.

The exact mechanism of action leading to the therapeutic value is however still unclear. It is thought that is causes the patient to enter into a trance like state that brings them both physically and mentally to the state they were prior to the use of the addictive drug. During this state they are able to analyze the effects of the addictive product in a sober state and make a choice whether to stop it or continue. The drug suppresses the bad symptoms that will result from a decision to withdraw from the product.

The product offers a good alternative to chronic drug addicts, illicit drug abusers and to ineffective therapies currently available for anti-addiction. It is simple to administer and the side effect profile can be monitored depending on the dosage. When used in a proper clinical setting with screening procedure the safety profile is guaranteed.

Among the noticeable side effects of large dosing includes ataxia where a person is unable to coordinate muscle movement, dry mouth also called xerostomia, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms may be immediate or after a 24 hour duration. Other studies have shown overdose could cause adverse heart conditions like arrhythmia and especially when used with other psychiatric drugs.

It is therefore of critical importance that such a drug of immense power be administered by well trained individual who are able to monitor the patients and manage any complications while at the same time assisting the patient though the trance state to obtain maximum benefit of the ibogaine drug.

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