The Merits And Demerits Of Ibogaine Therapy

The abuse of illicit drugs among youths and young adults is a scary practice that has caught on widely in many societies. The use of narcotics such as cocaine, heroin and alcohol has left behind a trail of many dysfunctional families. Many individuals have gone to great lengths to find a cure for their dependency problem. The resurgence of ibogaine therapy has been taken with keen interest to many junkies and health workers.

The therapeutic properties of ibogaine were discovered approximately fifty years ago by a heroin addict. The discovery by Howard Lotsoff was unintentional since he intended to use the product to get high. In terms of its chemical composition, the substance is a psychedelic that alters functioning in the brain. Originally, the product was extracted from a special shrub that grows in parts of Central and West Africa.

The best part of this therapy is that the dependent individual does not undergo the severe withdrawal symptoms experiences felt when using conventional methods. For instance, after Lostoff used the product, he fell into a state of deep sleep and hypnosis. Hallucination and visions about his childhood came to haunt his memory. After waking up, he was completely free of the urge to abuse heroin and was thus healed.

The product operates under the premise that it can cheat the neurotransmitter receptors in the mind of an individual. After consuming the substance, the brain is tricked into thinking that it is back to the state in which it was before use of the narcotic. This can help the dependent to be objective in thinking about the impact of drug abuse on their lives.

A huge number of users have professed that the therapy occurs by creating a nasty taste in the mouth of the user. As such, many dependents are left too sick to ingest food leave alone opiates. Other than the few testimonials available, not much else is known about the effectiveness of the therapeutic process. Scientists have not spent time on research or study of its chemical composition and can only compare it to some opiates.

The worst part of trying to quit according to most former users is going through the dreadful phase of withdrawal. This normally includes sweating, shivering, stomach upsets, migraines and other unpleasant physiological conditions. According to the testimonials of former users, the oriental treatment eliminates all feeling of physical sickness. In addition, it abolishes need or urge for future relapse into the abuse of narcotics.

It is a difficult process for the drug to be absorbed and accepted as a mainstream cure for addicts. This is because the original chemical structure of the product resembles many opiates and hard narcotics. This raises the fear that some addicts might turn from their usual drugs and commence using the so called cure. In this regard, the herb is not registered for use by the health authorities in the United States.

Before choosing to adopt ibogaine therapy as a curative technique for addiction, one is encouraged to seek help from a qualified doctor. Many governments do not recommend the use of this product since its effectiveness has not been proven. However, there are numerous illegal channels to obtain the substance.

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