The Fundamentals Of Ibogaine Therapy

Ibogaine therapy continues to find a lot of application in many countries because of the many benefits that are associated with it. Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance that occurs naturally in Iboga plant, a member of the Apocynaceae family. It is banned in many countries because of its hallucinogenic properties. Countries that have banned it consider its possession an offence against the law and can earn one a long jail term or a huge fine.

This substance originally came from the southern areas of West Africa many years back. Its anti-addictive characteristics were first noticed in 1962 though there had been studies continuing about it as early as 50s by various organizations. Prior to that time, iboga extract had been and continues being utilized for religious reasons. The native inhabitants use it to link with their religious beings in circumcision, prayer, and burial ceremonies.

In some countries, this substance is only administered under the strict order of a qualified medical practitioner. If used well, it is observed to help in treatment of addiction to substances like nicotine, methamphetamine, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and methadone among others. Many academic and research institutes are trying to develop a derivative of this substance that does not contain hallucinogenic properties.

Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid derived through two or three major processes. The first procedure involves extraction from iboga plant itself by processing in firms or crushing locally. The second process involves semi-synthesis from voacangine, a precursor substance. Voacangine plant is also an alkaloid. These two procedures have been used for a long period and it was till recently that another process was discovered.

The 3rd procedure is an entirely organic process. This procedure is however too challenging and costly to use to create Ibogaine on a commercial scales. This impracticality exists chiefly because the entire synthesis has to take place in anoxic environments. The stipulation of how this fully organic synthesis happens was first published in the States in the year 1956.

The most researched therapeutic effect of Ibogaine is its ability to reduce or eliminate addiction to opioids. In addition, it alleviates symptoms of opioid withdrawal. The therapy starts by administration of the substance by a qualified practitioner. During the first few hours of administration, the patient is able to get critical insights into their addiction process. The insights are so real and live as the conscious and subconscious minds merge. This is called awaking dream phase.

In awaking dream, several events are revealed to the person under therapy. The next phase is the introspective phase. This involves processing of facts revealed in the awaking dream phase. Here, full emotions come rushing and some people may need some time down to recover because they are usually very tired. The emotions and past events are an important part in this process and the more one releases them, the higher chances of success.

Ibogaine therapy can take several days to complete. Individuals feel so eased up and decide to have better lifestyles without substances. It however must be known that iboga must only be made use of under administration by a doctor.

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