Learn The 6 Home Remedies For Cold Sores

Apart from itching and tingling sensation, blisters and other accompanying symptoms of cold sores, they can make one look unsightly, thus compelling the affected person to search harder for remedies. As always, there are two options a “sick” person can choose from when it comes to remedies. These are: going to the doctor for check-up or applying popular home remedies. Of course, if you want to save yourself from the skyrocketing cost of doctor visits, going with home treatment makes a better choice.

If you are faced with the same situation, check out these top 6 home remedies for cold sores. First is the use of ice pack or cold compress. It has to be remembered that early detection and immediate attention can shorten the time the cold sores hang around. That being said, as soon as you noticed that there are blisters forming on the corner of your lips, then set an ice cube against the cold sore. This offers short-term relief while it also minimizes redness and swelling.

The second home remedy that you can try is the use of disinfectants that are available in your kitchen cupboard. Salt and lemon, for instance have disinfecting properties. You can put salt or lemon on the affected area, but make sure that blisters are closed or haven’t burst yet. The third remedy you can try at home is the application of nonprescription ointment to relieve pain and heal the blisters.

There are ointments that can prevent cold sores or hasten the healing of the blisters and there are those that can numb the affected area. The fourth cold sore treatment that you can try at home is the covering up of the sore with petroleum jelly. This is an effective way to shorten the healing period and prevent secondary infection. Avoid using makeup for the purpose of covering the blisters as the chemicals in cosmetics can aggravate the condition.

The use of painkillers that you can buy over-the-counter is the fifth home remedy for cold sore. When pain becomes too much to bear, you can take this oral medication. However, be guided with its proper use. Never overuse it. There are studies linking organ damage to too much use of pills. If stress triggers your cold sores, then focus on stress reduction. In that, consider the sixth home remedy as the use of different relaxation techniques such as deep-breathing and meditation. Other than these, you can make use of herpeset. This is an all natural remedy for cold sore as it contains ingredients that can provide relief to cold sore symptoms. Most cold sores can heal on their own. But if you can’t wait for the normal healing time or you want to make sure that there are no other complications or you simply want to do away with the discomfort and pain that cold sores can bring, then any of these home remedies makes an excellent option.

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