Amazing Results Achieved At Dental Implants Oklahoma City

No matter how well a person is dressed and groomed if their teeth are in a bad condition or they have unsightly gaps in their smile the entire overall picture is shattered. Being able to smile with confidence and show a set of well cared for attractive teeth is a great ego booster. Through the ages numerous people have tried to make artificial teeth that would be long lasting and look natural. There was however not much success achieved until the mid 1950’s when dentists happened upon Titanium. This metal has the ability to meld with bone and is 95% compatible with human bone making it ideal for all types of implanting. The procedure used at Dental Implants Oklahoma City has befitted from all these discoveries and advances and they have made implanting an exact science.

These procedures utilize innovative technical advances and ensure that with proper care a patient will have the use of their implanted teeth for life. Original procedures were long drawn out and extremely expensive. However new concepts and developments have led to the healing period being shortened and costing drastically reduced.

There are factors that impact on the healing period such as a patient’s overall health, how many teeth will be implanted and whether existing bad teeth have to be removed before an implant. The procedure requires a patient to be sedated as the root is implanted into the jawbone. However pain killing medicines are also prescribed for use during and after the procedure. A course of antibiotics may also be prescribed to prevent any post operative infection.

A certain amount of face and jaw bruised swelling may take place. Light pain killing medication can be used to relieve any discomfort. In most instances people are ready to return to work the following day.

Before subjecting a patient to any implanting the dentist does a thorough examination of their mouth. The procedure and cost involved is discussed also discussed. There are certain medical insurances that do not pay for implants as they consider the procedure cosmetic.

An x-ray of the area where the root will be inserted is taken to make certain the artificial root will fit securely. Using an incision and tiny drill soft tissue and jawbone is penetrated to create space for its root which is then firmly secured into the bone. An additional section is screwed on before stitching up the incision. Bonding time will differ from person to person and could take up to six months.

When the bone and root have bonded sufficiently the area is once again cut open and a post with enhancement abutments is secured. These abutments contain a metal which gives an artificial crown a natural translucence. A mold is taken of the area to assist dental technicians in the making of either a porcelain or ceramic tooth.

A dental technician makes a tooth using either ceramic compounds or porcelain from the impression. When the tooth is ready the surgeon uses an oral cement to attach it securely to the post. Patients are then able to eat and talk with confidence without fear of the implant becoming dislodged once the practitioners at Dental Implants Oklahoma City have completed the entire procedure.

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