A Review Into The Work Of Ibogaine Clinics

Ibogaine clinics are facilities that provide proper ibogaine therapy. They are available with the aim of helping patients transition back to healthy lives in a quick and joyful manner. Most of these clinics are situated in places that there is a near access to places that offer serene accommodation and quiet places to allow the individual go through the detoxification process in their quiet and peaceful rooms.

The proximity to hotel facilities is complimentary in different ways the main one being the peaceful surrounding they offer for meditation and more so the nutritious meals that will be offered especially the natural delicious meals. These meals aid in suppressing the toxins that the therapy is eliminating. Herbal substances could also be provided to specific patients who are at increased risk of experiencing some withdrawal symptoms like disordered sleep patterns. Entry to this therapy comes with some risks which demand therefore that patients be well enlightened on the inclusion criteria. One being that the patient must be starved from both food and drinks for at least 1 hour before they are given the treatment.

Patients must also carefully note and disclose any drugs that they might be on before the therapy. Some drugs especially anti-depressant drugs are known to depress liver enzymes that are responsible for the metabolism of the therapy. Opioid medications should be left approximately 10 hours prior to administration of this therapy because this could easily result in severe complications. The process also works best when the duration between the time of opioid cessation is longer, the better the detoxification process and the minimal the possibility of experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to the treatment, there are some added supplements that most patients are given in order to optimize therapy. Most important of them are magnesium and calcium minerals, the two are important for good functioning of the heart especially as it pumps blood that is being detoxified. It also strengthens the nervous system to become resistant to symptoms of anxiety or insomnia.

Most frequently the specialists will prescribe Valerian tincture especially after the first day of treatment in place of benzodiazepine drugs like Valium. They assist in quickly stabilizing the sleeping pattern. By the third day most of people can stop it because their bodies gain control.

After successful completion of the allocated dose of therapy depending on the initial problem, the patients are started on aftercare therapy. This is basically follow up with advice on how to remain healthy, they are advised to take nutritious meals particularly the natural types and drink much water about 2 glasses in a day all in an attempt to flush out more toxins that might have remained. Regular exercises are also a good initiative to make their thoughts focused on overcoming their problem.

Finally patients are advised to maintain a journal to remind them to see their doctor to access their progress and monitor any complications that might arise from treatment. Joining self-help group where other people who had similar addictions and have undergone the clinic give their experiences and in the process strengthening each other.

Aftercare is very important in ibogaine clinics because the therapies are able to ensure that the clients they help are not going to go back along the way due to lack of advice or motivation. For this reason the duration may be relatively long.

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