The Sleep Apnea Treatment Los Angeles Doctors Offer May Reduce Patient’s Symptoms

Sleep apnea is a condition that results in erratic breathing patterns whenever a person is trying to doze. It happens when the soft tissues of the individual’s throat collapse, thus closing his or her airway and creating continuous sleep disturbances. The patient may be aware that this is occurring, or he or she may have no knowledge that the condition is present. The sleep apnea treatment Los Angeles residents pursue may be conventional therapy or homeopathic remedies.

There are two forms of the disorder, which are central and obstructive. The former is the least common of the two, but both types are associated with the same irksome symptoms. Obstructive sleep apnea is the result of excessively relaxed throat muscles, which ultimately create blockage along the individual’s airway.

The brain’s of those who have the central type of the disorder fail to send the appropriate signals to the muscles responsible for regulating breathing. Some patients are diagnosed with both kinds of apnea, but this is quite rare. A medical doctor must diagnose the disorder, and this is usually accomplished through specific tests and a physical examination. The doctor may also ask the patient about his or her family medical history.

While no known cure has yet been discovered for the condition, it can usually be prevented through the use of a snore pillow, CPAP pillow or side sleeper pillow. CPAP is an abbreviation that refers to continuous positive airway pressure. This is the purpose for which such pillows were invented. They focus on providing relief by encouraging the correct alignment of one’s neck, which in turn relieves airway constriction.

If such devices prove ineffective, the patient may decide to seek other options, including the use of a BIPAP mask. This kind of mask is placed over the person’s mouth and nose in order to prevent airway collapse while he or she is sleeping. However, certain people cannot comfortably dose with such a mask in place, and therefore this option may not be suitable for all patients.

Another option sufferers may wish to consider is the use of a CPAP machine. The latter is essentially a heated humidification system. Some individuals find that this device reduces snoring and alleviates the interrupted slumber associated with the disorder.

Individuals who have used various pillows and mechanical device to no avail should speak to their primary health care practitioner about natural remedies. Although there is no alternative treatment or complementary medicine that cures the condition, certain herbs and vitamins are thought to lessen patients’ symptoms. For instance, taking magnesium supplements approximately 60 minutes before going to bed may lesson the excessive throat relaxation responsible for certain symptoms.

Some patients treat their symptoms with supplements such as catnip. However, this herb has not been approved by the US FDA as a treatment for sleep apnea. Therefore, it is advisable to speak to a physician prior to taking such a product to treat one’s symptoms.

The sleep apnea treatment Los Angeles health care practitioners initially recommend may not be the best alternative for every patient. For this reason, one may need to try various remedies prior to finding a solution for his or her symptoms. Individuals who suspect they are suffering from this condition should avail themselves of the services of a medical professional.

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