The Benefits Of The Ibogaine Treatment

The discovery of the ibogaine treatment is originally credited to a former drug user who unexpectedly became interested in learning if there was a way to overcome drug withdrawal symptoms. Actually, Howard Lotsof started using ibogaine, thinking that it was just another recreational drug he could experiment with. Instead of becoming intoxicated, Lotsof found that this drug was actually a powerful agent in overcoming his need to obtain a regular heroin fix. Though some of the symptoms were enjoyable, the continued usage no longer became necessary once Lotsof felt he had cured himself.

There is no doubt that ibogaine still functions like any ordinary recreational drug but the pharmacodynamics are much more complex. The same visionary and introspective discomfort that comes from other hallucinogenic drugs are present within this unusual medical treatment. However, there is an ability to block psychedelic effects not found in any other method of withdrawal actions or medications.

As a form of drug therapy, it is mostly used effectively on people that are suffering from chronic physical pain. Some have seen this particular drug as a better treatment than the use of marijuana. The approval of ibogaine over marijuana is based mostly on the usage of it since marijuana is currently seen as a more dangerous drug. Additional, no other drug is used in medically controlled areas where medical personnel are able to monitor the effects it has on people.

Only under supervised conditions can the use of this drug be safely administered and monitored. The need for supervision is due to the components of the drug that can be overwhelming to specific individuals if consumed in a large quantity. Several aspects of a patients medical history will have to investigated to ensure there are no chances of death occurring. Those that are more likely to suffer from cardiac problems will not be able to use the drug.

The ease of withdrawal symptoms is not the only reason why this unusual medicine is becoming popular. It serves an additional purpose of restoring the brain’s neurochemisty, which helps abusers stay free of their addiction. The restoration of a person’s habitual patterns is key to seeing improvements.

The use of the unique drug is not only limited to substance abusers. It is extremely helpful for those that are trying to overcome alcohol and nicotine addictions. For most people, this is helpful in resetting the dopamine uptake pathways that have become dysfunctional due to substance abuse.

Since the ibogaine has so much of a positive effect on the neurochemistry of individuals, it has also been administered to people that are dealing with chemical brain imbalances. Depression, post traumatic stress disorders, over compulsive disorders, traumas, and bi-polar disorders are currently being treated in a manner similar to drug addictions. Patients that usually seek this form of treatment usually stay in therapy houses where proper monitoring by medical professionals is occurring twenty-four hours a day.

The ibogaine treatment is not suitable for everyone. Though it may be possible for individuals to obtain the drug on there own, it is important to understand that there might be risks involved if used improperly. Post usage protocols are also important in monitoring any potential dangers that may develop. Only a doctor can determine an individuals risk of relapse or any other condition after drug usage.

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