Some Information About The Psychiatrist

In order for a person to be healthy, his mind and body should be both in good condition. The absence of injuries and any kind of disease does not mean that one is already healthy. His mental health should also be free of any condition. Once mental health is compromised, it can affect ones behavior. For this kind of health problem, the person who will deal with is the psychiatrist Orange County.

Many people usually interchange the words psychiatrist and psychologist with each other. However, this should not be done because there is a big difference between these two. First of all, psychiatrists are considered as physicians while psychologists are not. There are also many things that psychologists cannot do that psychiatrists can. For example, they cannot prescribe medications or conduct certain psychiatric treatments.

There are many kinds of subspecialties that psychiatrists can venture into. There are subspecialties that deal with different age groups while others focus on a certain disorder. Just a few of these subspecialties are learning disability, psychosomatic medicine, child and adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, and neuropsychiatry.

Since there are now a lot of subspecialties a psychiatrist can work in, there are also different titles that they can take. A person whose specialty would be treating elderly patients can be called a geropsychiatrist. Occupational psychiatrists, on the other hand, are those that can be found in different kinds of workplace.

It will take about twelve years for a person to become a psychiatrist. His first four years would be spent on getting an undergraduate degree. The next four would be on working hard to get a medical degree. After this, he will need another four years to participate in one of those postdoctoral residency programs. During this time, one may go for a clinical position if he wishes to work under a person with enough experience.

One of the main things that psychiatrists do is that they conduct psychotherapies. This can come in different types. The kind of psychotherapy that will be used depends on the kind of disorder the patient has. Common psychotherapies used are cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic therapy, and psychoanalysis..

Aside from psychotherapy, psychiatrists may develop other kinds of treatments to their patients suffering from a mental disorder. The treatment, however, is usually done when all of the other treatment modalities will fail. Some examples are electroconvulsive therapy, psychosurgeries, and creative therapies.

Psychiatrists are also the ones who will prescribe the medications needed by the client. They prescribe antidepressants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers. These drugs are highly regulated and only those who are qualified can prescribe them. The reason for this is that they can be addictive or can have serious adverse effects.

A psychiatrist Orange County helps people who have succumbed to mental illness due to their inability to cope with their problems. They help diagnose what kind of illness a person has. It is through them that you get to understand the reason behind ones behavior and the ways the different intervention that can be done to help that person.

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