Radiation Oncology Is Saving Lives

As fearful as being diagnosed with cancer is, it is important not to give up hope. It may still be part of our lives but in many instances it is losing its strength. Radiation oncology is part of the reason why along with a number of special techniques that are used to fight the disease.

Studies show that carcinogens are a part of everyone’s life. Even people who never smoked or worked in asbestos, can still get the disease. The main question is why and that is what prevents a cure. Finding what causes a cell to turn cancerous, can be then be treated.

Over the last twenty years the number of cancers have dropped by a slightly. New techniques are winning battles. This may be due in part to tests that are now available to detect these cells at earlier stages. Early treatments have the best cure rates.

Although we have not yet defeated cancer, improvements are occurring at a steady rate. It is felt that this is due to early detection of things like breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancers. In early stages these cells are killed off leaving the individual cancer free.

An oncologist is a doctor dedicated to researching cancer and finding its cause. These specialists use every means available to stop this killer in its tracks. One method is to strike the enemy with a beam of light so strong it kills the invading culprit. Once destroyed, it is no longer a threat to life and people do not succumb to it.

Now, more than ever, victims can hold out hope. Techniques are becoming more and more specialized and radiation oncologyis just one of many fields. Although giant strides still elude us, any small step that we make in the right direction is one that brings us closer to a cure for cancer.

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