Learn About One Of The Safest Toe Nail Fungus Therapies Available By A Jacksonville Laser Professional

If you live in Jacksonville toenail fungus therapy is readily available. Onychomycosis is a fungal infection. Sources differ in their estimates of how many people are affected with figures varying between six and twelve percent of the adult population. Around half of all abnormalities of the finger and toenails are due to this disease which occurs most commonly on the toenails. Laser management of the condition is now an effective option.

Onychomycosis is difficult to manage because the infection is deep within the nail. Even with a healthy nail bed, it may take around twelve months before any significant improvement is seen. Permanent damage to the nails is not uncommon.

Any injury to the feet or toes is potentially serious for diabetics because of the vascular and nerve impairment already in place. There also seems to be a genetic predisposition to the affliction. Those whose feet are often damp such as athletes and swimmers are also at risk. Onychomycosis causes the toenails to grow in an abnormal manner. They become hard, thickened and turn yellow. The disorder is often painful.

Until recent years, topical and/or systemic medications were used to keep the problem under control. There were side effects with oral medication with the kidneys and liver sometimes affected. The use of nail lacquers was only moderately successful. More recently, podiatrists have been using lasers. When aimed at the nail, the fungus vaporises. The surrounding skin is not affected, there are no side effects and no pain.

A session might last between 30 and 45 minutes and one to four sessions may be needed to affect improvement. It is not clear why laser therapy is effective. Some authorities states that the fungus is killed. Others state that fungal growth is inhibited, allowing the body to better fight the infection.

Although laser therapy is very effective, re-infection is a constant threat. Strict attention must be paid to hygiene. The feet must be kept dry and clean. Shoes and feet should be sprayed with an anti-fungal preparation. Socks should be changed each day. In Jacksonville toenail fungus therapy can now be more easily managed.

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