Important Facts On Acupuncture Laramie Patients Should Know

There are a number of things regarding acupuncture Laramie residents may wish to know if they consider undergoing this treatment. The modality is a discipline in alternative medicine that originated in ancient China. In the treatment, numerous needles are inserted at specific points of the body believed to have the problem. The first use of this technique is believed to be around 200 BCE.

The treatment uses some special needles that are inserted into the body. Needles used in the treatment are manufactured from stainless steel. Their length is variable (13 to 130 mm) and so is the diameter (0.16 mm to 0.46 mm). According to practitioners, the needles stimulate specific points in the body and help life energy to flow. Their belief is that diseases are the result of disruption in this energy. Each point is said to be connected to several others using channels.

There is scientific evidence that suggests that the procedure may have some effect on some types of pain as well as nausea. It is difficult to conduct enough studies to make a comprehensive conclusion due to the invasive nature of the procedure. In spite of the scanty evidence, a number of authorities such as the World Health Organization, the National Institutes of Health in the US and the National Health Service (UK) have all endorsed the use acupuncture for treatment of selected conditions but this has been met by criticisms from some scientists.

Treatment is preceded by history taking and physical examination in an attempt to make the diagnosis. This well help the practitioner decide on the sites to be used for treatment. The sites are located using landmarks such as bony prominences and muscles. The chosen points are those found on the meridians perceived to have the problem.

This discipline is concerned with three main areas. They include prevention of illnesses, treatment of diseases and promotion of well-being. It may be used alongside other therapies, both traditional and modern, as an adjunct therapy. It has been adopted in clinical areas for treatment of a wide range of disorders including those of the digestive, respiratory, reproductive and even the neuromuscular systems. It is also used for selected mental and emotional disorders.

There are various guidelines that need to be followed by the patient undergoing the treatment. One is advised against having a large meal within hours of the procedure and a few hours after. Intense physical exercises and alcoholic beverages may impair the effectiveness of the procedure and should therefore also be avoided. After undergoing treatment, one is advised to have adequate rest and to take all the medication prescribed.

There is a strong relationship between acupuncture and a few other fields. Acupressure uses hands at the acupuncture points instead of needles to relieve pain, and tension. Moxibustion involves the burning of mugwort weed near these points. In sonopuncture (or acutonics), the body is stimulated with sound rather than needles. In modern medicine, this is achieved using an ultrasound beam or a tuning fork.

A numbing sensation is the commonest feeling that is experienced by persons undergoing the therapy. There may also be some pain and distension which spreads along the path of the meridian. Some experts use this as confirmatory sign that the treatment is working. Things that may go wrong include insertion of needles to a wrong depth, improperly done manipulation and bleeding at the needle site among others. If interested in undergoing acupuncture Laramie residents may need to talk to their physicians first to get a professional opinion.

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