How To Treat Cracked Fingertips

During winter, there are increased cases of victims of cracked fingertips. This condition develops when there is extreme dryness of skin around fingers. Discrepancies in temperature alternating from hot to cold leave the membrane dry. This causes the film around the fingertips to crack and at times bleeding causing victims excruciating pain.

Rapid temperature changes usually result to the same problem. These changes from hot to cold affect the blood circulation and usually causes cracking and burning sensation. The same condition may develop when you fail to wear gloves while washing or gardening. Exposure to strong detergents and soaps also result to roughened hands.

Another cause of fissures is such disorders as eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections. These disorders make the affected area scaly and dry. The sufferer experiences itching and burning sensation on the affected areas. At other times, lesions may also develop due to eczema. An exposure to irritants found in allergen or disinfectants may also lead to dry hands.

Chemicals found in various shampoos cause chapped fingertips. Under active thyroid gland causes excessive dry peel besides normal causative. Deficiencies in minerals and vitamins as well as hormonal changes are associated with development of excessive dry skin. Irrespective of the cause, the underlying problem is dehydration of the membrane.

It is important to establish the cause of problem in order to apply appropriate medical measure. Different treatments are available to correct this situation. Daily rub vitamin E oils or creams, Shea butter, cocoa butter, bag balm on the affected areas. Such moisturizers will heal the cracks and leave the membrane healthy. Patients may also use lotions such as corn huskers, petroleum jelly and calamine.

Natural oils such as myrrh, lavender, sandalwood, coconut, olive, and flax among others are very effective in soothing and healing chapped fingertips. Apply the moisturizing cream or lotion on the skin and wear gloves before going to bed. This measure is most effective way of dealing with the cracks and facilitating fast healing.

Chapped fingers caused by eczema and fungal infections require use of a different approach. Normally topical steroids and anti fungal creams are sufficient for these cases. Patients should consult doctors for appropriate prescription to cure the cracks and prevent them from spreading to other parts of body. It is essential to keep the skin moisturized through frequent application of lotions and creams.

The best cure is prevention. Reduce exposure to harsh weather, irritants and detergents. It would be also healthy to protect your hands by wearing gloves while washing or gardening. Limiting the use of soaps and moisturizing your hands every time after washing will help exfoliate the dry crust around the fingers. When this is coupled with a healthy diet, you can be sure of a healthy peel.

Strong chemicals and harsh weather are major causes of cracked fingertips. Besides, some health disorders also result to chapped fingers. The condition may be a symptom of mineral or vitamins deficiency in the body as well. By application of ointments, natural oils and prescribed medicine, you can easily cure this condition once and for all.

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